'I'm Scared': Internet Backs Texas Woman Pregnant With IUD In Viral Post

A pregnant Texas woman's post has gone viral after she discovered she's pregnant — with an IUD in place, which is something only 1 percent of women experience.

The user known as U/ffs-really explained on Reddit's r/TwoXChromosomes forum that she and her partner have mutually agreed that they don't want to continue with the pregnancy. However, Texas passed a law that bans most abortions at 6 weeks or later. According to Texas Health and Human Services, there were more than 55,000 induced abortions in the state in 2020.

U/ffs-really believes she is between 5 and 9 weeks pregnant, which is slightly outside the boundaries of the Texas law.

"I'm feeling frantic, anxious, and helpless," she wrote. "I'm still here so scared for my future."

She explained that having the IUD placed for 5 years, soon needed a replacement. The woman then stated she already has appointments set with doctors — including Planned Parenthood for an ultrasound.

"[I] will also be going to my usual obygyn clinic for an ultrasound, to see if I'm at risk for an ectopic pregnancy given my IUD," she said.

U/ffs-really added that she has friends in other states who will give her access to whatever healthcare she needs. The internet was quick to comment, providing links, advice, and even offering her a place to stay in cities and towns around the country,

Above, a woman stares off into the distance, feeling stressed Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images Plus

"Just in case, my very dear friend with whom I have an established relationship and am definitely not messaging for the first time — California is lovely this time of year! Won't you come for a visit? (I'm so sorry this happened. I am sending you and your partner so much love and good wishes. It's gonna be okay,)" u/chaotic_apples said. Their comment has over 5.9k upvotes with many other comments from concerned users telling her where else she should go visit soon.

u/ElinaMakropulos added, "I have an IUD in Texas and my emergency plan if I were to get pregnant is to seek confirmation of pregnancy out of state. I don't want any record of a pregnancy existing in Texas. Probably I am paranoid, but I wouldn't want my OB here to know."

"Find a cheap flight and go for a visit to a major liberal downtown community," u/EarorForofor wrote. "I bet there's tons of people here happy to help."

In an update posted by U/ffs-really, she thanked everyone for their helpful advice and hopes her post and the comments underneath can help other women in a similar situation.