Passengers Miraculously Survive as Two Trains Smash Into One Another in Dramatic Head-on Collision Video

Surveillance footage published on social media has shown the moment two trains were involved in a dramatic head-on collision in India yesterday.

More than a dozen passengers were injured in the incident, which took place when a Multi-Modal Transit System (MMTS) train collided with a slow-moving Kurnool City-Secunderabad Hundry Intercity Express around 10:30 a.m., at Kacheguda railway station in the city of Hyderabad

Officials from operator South Central Railway (SCR) said in a statement that six MMTS coaches and three Hundry Express coaches had been damaged.

The video clip, published to Twitter by a journalist of media outlet The News Minute, shows the trains were on the same track at the time of the collision.

Several carriages lift into the air before derailing, and passengers are seen fleeing from the coaches.

It is believed that at least 12 people were injured in the collision, while the MMTS driver was reportedly trapped inside a mangled train cabin for up to eight hours before being pulled from the wreckage.

"A high-level enquiry will be conducted on the incident," SCR officials wrote on Facebook page, also confirming that injured passengers had been taken to Osmania General Hospital. The crash has been blamed on human error, although no official findings have been published.

NDTV reported that a "manual error" had been responsible for the collision, while a railway official told the Hindustan Times that it was an issue with signaling. Witnesses told the Gulf News a "major tragedy" was avoided because the Hundry Intercity Express was "almost stationary."

"[The MMTS train] was given a green signal to arrive on platform No 2 in the Kacheguda railway station, but there was already another train standing," said the railway official, who declined to be named in the report. "The MMTS, which was slowing down as it was approaching the railway station, rammed into the Inter-City Express, just a few metres away from the platform."

Dr. B Nagender, of Osmania General Hospital, told the Hindustan Times the injured passengers were "all out of danger," noting some patients had been released after receiving minor treatments and a handful of others suffered fractures. The condition of the driver was unclear. The News Minute reported he suffered a leg fracture but did not seem to have other visible injuries.

SCR said yesterday that the driver had been pulled from the MMTS cabin after a "heroic" 8-hour effort from first responders, which included the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

J Senthil Kumar, an official with the NDRF, told The News Minute that electric cutters were used to pry the man from the train, after he was given oxygen and a saline drip.

The railway operator released several images of the driver's rescue to social media yesterday, and said today the impacted section of track has since been restored. According to NDTV, the incident resulted in the cancelation of at least 20 other transportation services at the station yesterday.

Kachiguda Railway Station crash
Emergency personnel work to rescue a worker in the cabin of a surburban rail train after it collided with an intercity express train at Kachiguda Railway Station in Hyderabad on November 11, 2019. NOAH SEELAM/AFP/Getty
Passengers Miraculously Survive as Two Trains Smash Into One Another in Dramatic Head-on Collision Video | News