Son Axes Mother to Death, Cooks Pieces of Her in Frying Pan After Being Denied Money to Buy Liquor⁠, Police Say

A man was arrested in India this week after allegedly killing his mother and trying to cook her remains in a frying pan, according to shocking local media reports.

Sitaram Oraon, 32, is accused of slaying his mother at her home in Chhattisgarh on Tuesday after she refused to give him money to purchase liquor, The Times of India reported.

Citing police in the state's Raigarh district, the English-language newspaper reported Oraon fled the scene after a relative arrived at the home and saw him in the process of cooking the body. The 50-year-old victim has been identified only as Phoolbai.

According to India Today, a popular English-language magazine, the alleged killer took out the victim's brain and placed it inside the frying pan prior to being spotted by his sister-in-law. The publication reported the suspect was addicted to alcohol and "mentally unstable."

Raigarh police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

India Today reported the sister-in-law informed the police, who found the suspect in blood-stained clothing Wednesday. The mother's home was located at Botalda village in the Kharsia district. Oraon admitted to the crime while being interrogated by investigators, the outlet noted.

According to The Times of India, citing police officials, the suspect regularly beat his mother after coming home drunk and demanding money to buy booze. It remains unclear what weapon was used in the attack. The Times of India reported the victim was "axed" to death.

In May, local media reported a 35-year-old man was arrested for killing his mother after she asked him to get a job. In April, a 43-year-man was arrested in India after telling Coimbatore police he killed his mother and sister back in 2015 after they refused to give him cash.

An officer told The Times of India: "He told police that while his mother and sister used to take money from the bank account, they never gave him any. It prompted him to kill them. He stayed in the house for four months and later became a beggar."

Back in August 2017, Indian newspaper Mid-Day reported a drunk 27-year-old man named Sunil Kuchakurni had killed his 65-year-old mother after an argument and possibly ate a piece of her heart. He was arrested by police in Shahupuri, Maharashtra.

Shahupuri police inspector Sanjay More told the paper: "In a fit of rage, he gagged her and then stabbed her to death. Later, he took out her heart and placed it on a plate. We found chutney and pepper spray at his house, which he had sprinkled on the heart. We suspect he ate a part of it."