Man Decapitates Pregnant Teenager Sister, Takes Selfie With Her Severed Head: Police

An 18-year-old male and his mother were arrested in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra in India on Sunday after allegedly beheading a 19-year-old woman.

The woman is believed to be Kirti Thore, the older sister and daughter of the arrested. Police believe the killing was in response to the daughter marrying a man her brother and mother did not approve of.

The police also believe a sickle was used to decapitate Thore, with the pair carrying her head out to the front of the house and taking a selfie with it.

Thore was believed to have been pregnant at the time of the killing, according to police. She lived with her husband at their marital home. He was at home during the attack but was sleeping at the time.

It is alleged her family objected to the pair's relationship for a number of reasons, one of which was that he was poorer than their family.

Assistant Police Commissioner Kailash Prajapati explained the details of the killing.

He told local media: "The mother had visited the daughter a week ago.

"On December 5, she came back with her son. The victim's house is in the field. She was working in the field with her mother-in-law.

"Seeing mother and brother, she left her work in the field and rushed to greet them. She gave water to both of them and went to the kitchen to make tea.

"This is when her brother came from behind and beheaded her."

"Her husband, who was ill, was lying in the house.

"He woke up hearing the sound of falling utensils and rushed to the kitchen.

"The woman's brother tried to kill him too but he escaped. Later, the brother came out of the house with her head in his hand. He then came to the police station and surrendered."

Newsweek has contacted Aurangabad police for comment.

The Honor Based Violence Awareness Network website says it is difficult to get accurate data regarding honor killings.

On its data page it gives some indication of the scope of the issue internationally, while focussing on India, Pakistan and the U.K.

The statement read: "These figures are considered estimates and are widely believed to be severe underestimates.

"Due to lack of focussed reporting and recording of honor killings internationally, very little is known about the true extent of honor killing violence worldwide."

"There are 5,000 honor killings internationally per year, 1000 honor killings occur in India per year, 1,000 honor killings occur in Pakistan per year, 12 honor killings per year in the U.K."

Stock image of a man in handcuffs. Police in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have arrested a 19 year old in connection with beheading his pregnant sister. Getty Images

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