Indian Farmer Filed Police Complaint Against Cows That Weren't Producing Milk

A farmer in India recently filed a police complaint against four cows because they weren't producing milk, reported Unilad.

The farmer, who was identified by local media as Ramaiah from the Sidlipura village, filed the complaint at the Holehonnur police station in the Indian state of Karnataka. In his complaint, he claimed that despite taking the cows to graze every day over a period of four days, the man received nothing in return, Unilad said.

According to Penn State Extension, a variety of factors could prevent a cow from producing milk, such as severe anemia or lack of water intake.

Additionally, "underfeeding grain to fresh cows," "ration deficiencies," or a water quality problem can affect a cow's milk production.

To make matters worse, the man also alleged that the cows were "kicking his wife when she tried to milk them," according to NBC News.

"The cows' milk is very dear to me and my wife," he said in a statement obtained by NBC. "It would be the right thing for me to collect the milk. Give me justice."

In the complaint obtained by Unilad, the man stated that the police "must convince [the cows] to give milk."

Of course, there was nothing the police could do about the cows, so they sent Ramaiah to a nearby veterinary hospital.

Inspector Lakshmipathi Ramachandrappa Lambani told NBC that his staff thought the ordeal was "quite funny."

Turns out, these aren't the only cows to break headlines this week.

The Dodo tweeted a now-viral video on Monday that shows a miniature cow named Winston attempting to make friends at Delmar Farm, a Florida-based rescue. Sadly, the poor cow was rejected at every turn.

However, everything changed for Winston once Ronny the horse arrived.

"He tried to give her kisses like he had tried with so many horses," said Delmar Farms founder Claudia Campbell in the video. "To our surprise, Ronny really seemed to enjoy it. There's this kindred connection between the two of them. It was a friendship made in heaven."

Also on Monday, a video that shows a woman surprising her husband with a pet cow went viral with over 27 million views on TikTok.

"Where the f**k did you get a g**damn cow?" her husband asked in the video. "Whose cow?"

When she laughed and explained that the cow was hers, he again asked her: "Where the f**k did you get a cow?"

A farmer in India recently filed a police complaint against four cows because they weren’t producing milk, reported Unilad. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / Contributor/Getty