73-year-old Indian Woman Could Be Oldest to Ever Give Birth After Having Twin Girls

A 73-year-old woman from the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has given birth to twin girls, according to reports.

Erramatti Mangayamma underwent in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to help her conceive after she was unable to do so naturally during a 57-year marriage to her husband, Sitharama Rajarao, 80, German news agency DPA reported.

On Thursday, a team of 10 doctors delivered the twins—both of whom are healthy, weighing about 4.4 pounds each—via Caesarean section, South West News Service (SWNS) reported. The medical staff are claiming that this makes Mangayamma the oldest women ever to give birth.

"It's a medical miracle—an achievement of modern medicine," Dr. Umashankar Sanakkayala, who headed the team that delivered the babies, told DPA. "Also, IVF doesn't entirely depend on science alone, God's grace is important too."

"We checked her school certificate, which is authentic and mentions her date of birth as July 1, 1946," he said.

The current record holder for the oldest confirmed person to give birth was María del Carmen Bousada from Spain. According to Guinness World Records, she was 66 years of age when she had children in 2006. However, she died of cancer less than three years later.

In 2008, another Indian woman, Omkari Panwar, gave birth when she was reportedly 70 or 72 years old. However, her age has not been officially confirmed because she doesn't have a birth certificate.

Mangayamma's husband said that the couple were "incredibly happy" after the successful birth after wanting children for such a long time. However. Rajarao suffered a stroke just one day later and has been hospitalized.

"Nothing is in our hands," Rajarao had previously told the BBC after being asked what would happen to the children if the parents were unable to care for them due to their age. "Whatever should happen will happen. It is all in the hands of God."

The couple said that they had long felt stigmatized in their village because they did not have children.

"They would call me a childless lady," Mangayamma told the BBC. "We tried many times and saw numerous doctors, so this is the happiest time of my life."

Mangayamma said that she became interested in trying IVF after she found out that a neighbor had given birth at the age of 55.

"As she is old, she cannot release eggs so we got eggs from a donor and collected sperm from her husband," Sanakkayala told SWNS. "Luckily, she conceived in the first cycle itself and she was found to be pregnant this January. It was smooth, as there were no health complications."

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A 73-year-old Indian woman has given birth to twin girls. iStock