Indiana Foster Parents Jailed After Being Caught on Camera Abusing Children: 'Monsters Don't Live Under Beds, They Walk in Human Form'

Two "go-to" Indiana foster parents have been jailed after footage emerged of the couple abusing young children in their care.

Timothy Combs, 60, and Diane Combs, 56, of Dearborn County in southeast Indiana, are due to serve 18-year and 20-year prison sentences respectively, Fox 19 reported.

A teenager in the couple's care shot a video at the couple's home on Jeanie Drive in July 26, 2018, after she saw Diane Combs kicking a 6-year-old child in the face.

The footage shows the foster mother asking a 6-year-old if his pull-up pants are dry, warning him he'll be in trouble if they aren't. A 4-year-old is present at the time.

Diane Combs, who is sitting in a recliner, touches the boy's backside. She then slaps him hard enough to cause him to fall on the ground, Fox 19 reported, citing officials who saw the footage.

She asks the boy to come forward, and slaps him again. Diane Combs can be heard saying "don't touch my mother f****** leg, I'm going to choke the f*** out of you, you b******."

The boy says "ow" and can be heard gasping and coughing.

The woman orders the boy to squat and slaps his face. He hits the ground. She calls him a " "dumb little b******."

Diane Combs is shown taking the dirty underwear and putting it in the boy's mouth, Dearborn County prosecutor Lynn Deddens said, according to NBC News affiliate WLWT5.

In a separate clip, Timothy Combs is seen lifting the 4-year-old by the wrist, letting him fall to the floor, and kicking him. The foster father then tells the child to "get up."

Police visited the property on July 27 following a report of child abuse.

A woman who gave a victim impact statement told Dearborn County Superior Court: "Monsters don't live under beds, they walk around in human form," WLWT5 reported. She plans to adopt two of the children in the video.

Dearborn County Sheriff's Deputy Hayden Hummel attended the home, where there were four foster children, an adopted child, and three children being babysat.

Hummel saw videos of Diane Combs abusing a child on the phone of a 15-year-old foster child at the property.

The couple were regarded as a "go-to" foster family in Dearborn County and cared for dozens of children over a four-year period, Deddens said according to WLWT5.

"These were children that had been taken away from their parents, because mom and dad have issues, and sometimes these children aren't always believed," Deddens said.

Tim Combs plead guilty to battery earlier in September. Diane Combs plead guilty to aggravated battery on Tuesday.

Indiana Foster Parents Jailed After Being Caught on Camera Abusing Children: 'Monsters Don't Live Under Beds, They Walk in Human Form' | Health