Music Fans Are Confessing Their Sins Against Cool With the #IndieAmnesty Hashtag

Wearing an Oasis shirt to a Blur gig for the sake of being provocative? Step into the indie music confessional that is the #IndieAmnesty hashtag. Dylan Martinez/Reuters

The appeal of independent music over corporately funded pop is its promise of authenticity. While the latter may as well have been developed in a lab by suited executives dreaming of ad dollars and synergy, indie music is, ostensibly, made "for the right reasons." It is real. It is true. It cannot be bought.

But to be "indie" requires more than just a library full of certified authentic albums. You must also embody the tenets of indie culture. These albums need to be discovered authentically, listened to in an authentic manner and discussed with a cool remove. You must embrace and shun the right artists at the right times. While loving Neutral Milk Hotel in high school meant you were deep, loving them in college meant you were a poser.

But living in the corporation-dominated world that we do, we cannot help but succumb to the pervasive influence of the mainstream. We try to thwart off its influence by purchasing vinyl at mom-and-pop record stores, by copping merch off the folding table at the show instead of through a third party and by attuning our taste to music that was made for the sake of art, not licensing rights. Sometimes, though, our efforts are not enough, which is why the forces that swirl within Twitter churned up the #indieamnesty hashtag, which music fans are using to confess their most egregious, posturing and cringe-worthy sins against indie. Here are some of our favorite examples.

Indie music fans, your sins have been absolved.

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