Infamous Waco Haunted House on Sale for $600,000

It's the end of an era. John and Danea Anderson, owners of Waco Haunted Houses in Elm Mott, Texas, have decided to sell after a long run of 30 years. They announced the sale on their Facebook page earlier this month, saying the change is due to "age and health."

"It's been an incredible experience but even monsters get old and creaky and that's what's happened to us, we've gotten too old and creaky," Danea Anderson told 6 News.

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John and Danae were first brought together through a love of haunted houses and Halloween, visiting a haunted house on their first date back in 1984.

The Waco Haunted Houses estate, advertised as one of the "best known" attractions in the country, includes the Museum of Horrors and the Texas Chainsaw Nightmare house.

"It's been 30 years of doing this and it's been an experience. There are not many jobs you can do in life where you get to do what you want to do," John Anderson, who turned 73 this year, told 6 News.

Within just 24 hours of announcing the news, the Andersons say they received almost 100 phone calls but are looking for a buyer who will be dedicated to maintaining the Waco Haunted Houses in its original place and form.

"Now that it's here, it just ought to stay here," Danea Anderson, speaking to 6 News said. "We want it to live on."

"We have agonized over it since January," said Danea, who has recently been playing a spooky character named Dr. Frenzy Rigamortis in the house.

Their post received an outpouring of support from many locals who've loved the attraction over the years. "That makes me so sad!! I grew up going here!!," said one.

Many tagged friends and family in the comment section, sharing memories or considering throwing their hat in the ring to purchase it. "Whoever buys it please keep elder monsters," wrote one.

John hopes the same for the monsters and asks Texans to support whoever the new owner will be, reported 6 News. "He's going to make it even better and all of these monsters will still have a home, thank you very much," he said.

The Waco Haunted Houses will be listed at around $600,000, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald.

Waco Haunted House on Sale
Spooky Halloween Decoration FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/GETTY