Ingrid Michaelson, Post-My Space

Michaelson, the first MySpace-created music star, has a new album called Everybody. She spoke to Ramin Setoodeh:

Since you started on MySpace, do fans feel like you're their friend?
I have a really accessible personality. I hope it doesn't turn around and bite me in the ass. I don't want people to cross the line: "You're my best friend, let's hang out." People have said, "Let's go out after this." Honestly, what I love to do after a show is get into my pajamas, go online, watch TV.

How many myspace friends do you have?
I don't know. I don't follow that anymore.

I love seeing you on tour, because you throw things into the audience, like plastic dinosaurs.
That was—what was it?—"T. rex and the City." So lame. My songs are very dark and down. Whenever I write, the sad stuff comes out. To juxtapose that, I'm humorous in between.

But you do covers of TV theme songs, like the Fresh Prince of Bel-air.
I watched a lot of television, except for Silver Spoons. Invariably, somebody says, "Do Silver Spoons!"

How does a rock version of '80s sitcom themes even sound?
Like Golden Girls, but with cool foot stomps and accordions and electric guitars.