'Innocent Victim' Shot at 23 Times While Parking in Ohio

Police are continuing to investigate after a woman was hit seven times as she faced a barrage of 23 bullets while she parked her car in Columbus, Ohio.

Jessica Marzette, a 34-year-old mother of two, was found in a vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the upper body.

The shooting took, which took place outside the Fisher Fish and Chicken restaurant, in East Livingston Avenue, about 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, was captured on surveillance video.

Columbus Police released stills from the footage showing a red car thought to have been used by the shooter or shooters, to Twitter two days later. Marzette, described by police as an "innocent victim," was said to be in a critical condition in hospital.

*UPDATE 5/29/21: This is the suspect vehicle out of the 5/27 shooting on E. Livingston Ave.

Anyone with info is asked to call Det. Miller at 614-645-4141 or @OhioCrime at 614-461-TIPS.

The victim is a mother, an innocent victim and remains in critical condition.

-Det. Miller https://t.co/rPdMMUGkp9 pic.twitter.com/9wvUkFMSEg

— Columbus Ohio Police (@ColumbusPolice) May 29, 2021

Three suspects jumped out of the car and headed towards Marzette's vehicle and fired at her 23 times in around 10 seconds, police said.

"They heard the shots. We had customers on the floor," Fisher Fish and Chicken owner Munjed Hinnawi told WSYX. "I'm surprised when I see three people, 23 shots. I can't believe it."

Hinnawi said one of his employees ran out to check on Marzette after the suspects had fled.

"He saw the lady. He checked on the lady. He said he did not sleep all night yesterday," Hinnawi said.

The Mideast Area Commission is said to have gathered together local businesses owners in an attempt to pool their resources together to provide additional security in the area.

"Some are small businesses and they can't afford to have security at $30-$40 an hour," Quay Barnes, Chair of the Mideast Area Commission, said. "Bringing them together, we could probably get the civilian crime patrol to walk up and down the street as we have on Main Street. They may be able to afford off-duty officers."

Barnes said the Mideast Area Commission has also spoken with the city attorney's office about properties that are located in areas where shootings and assaults have recently taken place.

"You tackle a little at a time," Barnes said. "Right now, we're looking at the summer of 2021. That's our goal is to make it through the summer of 2021 and not ever have a summer like this again."

No arrests have been made so far in the investigation. Anyone with information have been asked to contact Columbus Police on CPD: 614-645-4141 or Ohio Crime stoppers on 614-461-TIPS

Newsweek has contacted Columbus Police for an update.

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Columbus Police shared an image of the suspect's car in connection to the shooting. Columbus Police