Where Is Lawrence? Jay Ellis Is Nowhere to Be Found in 'Insecure' Season 3 Trailer

There's only one question to be asked about Insecure season 3: where's Lawrence?

HBO released the first full-length trailer for the new season of the comedy series on Sunday night, and Jay Ellis' character is nowhere to be found in the minute-long spot.

Lawrence was also missing in action in the HBO's promo for the new season released on June 24 and he was similarly absent in the very first sneak peek teaser for Season 3, which debuted earlier that same month.

The trailer drops zero hints about Lawrence's dating status, his job at the tech startup company or what other mayhem may possibly be going on in his life. His friends don't even make a cameo appearance in promo, leaving fans leaves fans to wonder what exactly is going on with Lawrence's storyline and how involved Ellis actually is in the new season of the highly rated comedy series.

The last time fans saw the app-developer in the Season 2 finale, he was picking up the last of his belongings from the apartment he formerly shared with Issa (played by show creator and writer Issa Rae). The ex-couple seemingly parted on good terms, with both of them offering sincere apologies for the errors they caused in their relationship.

Issa's old flame and new roommate Daniel (Y'Lan Noel), however, is all up and through just about every bit of Insecure promo that has been released so far, and it's incredibly obvious Season 3 will feature a lot more insight on their "friendship."

The new trailer teases Issa is still shacking up with the man she cheated on Lawrence with. She claims she's been being a grown-up and saving her money, yet she keeps finding herself being rejected by apartment buildings. Her solution: "I'm gonna tell Daniel I'm gonna stay longer."

Despite swearing she's "not even sleeping with him," she admits she's definitely thinking about it and says "staying at Daniel's is kind of nice." Not to mention the trailer is flooded with several glimpses of the two of them seductively starring at one another.

While Issa may be too busy figuring things out with Daniel in Season 3, it's likely fans haven't seen the last of Lawrence. Ellis is still listed as a regular cast member in HBO's Season 3 announcement of the show, which means Lawrence must still be around—even if only in a limited capacity.

Insecure returns to HBO with Season 3 on August 12 at 10:20 p.m. ET.