Inseparable Cat Trio With 'Separation Anxiety-Ridden Brother' Find New Home

A trio of inseparable cats, called Mango, Snickers and Kiwi, has melted hearts all over the internet after a video of them snuggling together went viral.

The video shared on TikTok in January by the cats' owner, under the username Mangosnickerskiwi, shows the adopted feline trio snuggling together on their cat tree, napping comfortably next to each other.

The heartwarming clip comes with a caption that says: "Are you sure you want them? They're bonded with a separation anxiety ridden brother and like to watch him sleep." Followed by: "Who wouldn't want that?"

According to Metropolitan Veterinary Center Chicago, general signs of separation anxiety in felines include excessive meowing, crying, or moaning; eating too fast or not eating at all; excessive self-grooming; elimination outside the litter box; destructive behavior; excitement upon returning home that's out of the ordinary; vomiting food or hairballs; and trying to escape.

To soothe a cat with separation anxiety you can leave the radio or TV on a station that is often on when you're there; keep arrivals and departures low-key; create a refuge for your cat that is their safe space; provide them with plenty of toys and/or puzzles for playtime while you are gone; and channel prey instincts by hiding food in toys that make them work for it.

The veterinarian website, suggests starting with shorter absences first while providing a perch or "catio" so that your cat can see their favorite views. It also suggests buying a pheromone diffuser and providing plenty of cuddles and playtime once home.

inseparable cats melts hearts online
A stock image of three kittens sitting together. A trio of inseparable cats has melted hearts online. Getty Images

The video quickly attracted animal lovers from all over the platform, receiving over 745,500 views and 138,000 likes so far.

One user, Kelly Stout, commented: "Aww. 3 different flavors."

Zachariah Crutchfiel said: "My roommate adopted a bonded pair with a younger brother/older sister and he would cry if she was in another room and she died when they were only 1.5 yrs old and he's not been the same since."

Pitties_and_kitties wrote: "That is like a double bonus!!! I too have 3 bonded siblings. I love how they run to each other if one is in distress n they all curl together n groom."

Brandy Reagan added: "You literally adopted a pile of cats!!!"

CydeN said: "My two bonded babies snuggle every night and clean each other and it makes me so happy."

Newsweek has reached out to Mangosnickerskiwi for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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