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Is Business School worth it?

To B-School or not to B-School? That is the question. The answer, when it comes to advancing your career prospects, is a resounding yes. However, the extent of the benefit depends on the caliber of the school and your individual aspirations.

As a young professional, the job market is a struggle. The battle to find the right and best-rewarded employment opportunity for you begins with your resume. Employers take Business School seriously and candidates with a solid qualification from a respected institution have an extremely valuable advantage. It shows drive, intelligence, a love of teamwork, and a will to succeed. Read more

If you have decided that Business School is for you, put yourself in the position of your future employers before agreeing to any course or college. What will impress them and how does your choice sell you as an individual?

Spending time at school allows the motivated professional to rejoin the work force with greater practical knowledge and implementable skills to enhance the businesses they work for, plus the original grounding of their earlier time in the field. This balance is extremely attractive to companies striving to stand out from the crowd. Which is why many employers actively send their best and brightest off to Business School to discover a competitive edge.

Important factors to consider when deciding to take advantage of Business School are your aspirations in both the short and longer term. What do you want from your profession? Do your peers and superiors have a similar qualification? Is it needed to develop in your field?

Also, think thoroughly about the realities of your industry. If you are choosing Business School in order to emerge into a new field, you must find out if that industry is one you will actually be happy and motivated in. What are the realities of your package and the sacrifices needed to succeed? Business School is a sizeable commitment – albeit a mighty worthy one – and to discover afterwards that your ‘dream career’ didn’t work out would be a waste.

The best thing is to talk to your prospective schools and ask them about their studies. Not just the content of the courses, but the industry success of their graduates. Find some testimonials, even talk to graduates. Hear their stories. Ask advice from your prospective Business Schools, who know better than anyone what it takes to succeed with them. Like anything, you should feel comfortable and reassured by what you hear. The right Business School for you will make you feel this way.

Business School represents a new world of greater opportunities; a wider selection of industries and a higher ceiling to which to rise. You can focus on developing skills or learning whole new specialisms. Business School could also allow you to be able to secure a prestigious internship and extend your network with other professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, all of whom have relevant, interesting takes on how to succeed in their field. In this way, and many more, Business School provides every tool you need to add value to your resume and secure a better future.

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