Korea University College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at Korea University (KUCE) is recognized as a top engineering school in South Korea (ranked 61st in the field of engineering and technology in the QS World University Ranking 2019). Established in 1962, KUCE has advanced scientific and industrial technologies, produced over 30,000 graduates to date, and contributed to Korea's economic growth. The digital revolution enables the world to interact on a new level not previously experienced. To prepare for the upcoming revolutionary era, KUCE sets its priority in solving challenges in the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductor, information technology, energy, healthcare, bio-engineering, and human-nature coupled environment. KUCE runs various cooperative programs with major industrial partners such as Hyundai, SK, LG, Samsung, and POSCO. In 2019, KUCE starts a new program to cultivate top-notch industrial AI experts. KUCE will continue to endeavor its transformation into a global leading Engineering College.

Korea University
Seoul, South Korea