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The Best Of Asia and the South Pacific's Business Schools 2014

The battle to find the right and best-rewarded employment opportunity begins with your resume. So how to make yourself stand out in the ever-tougher marketplace for jobs? Candidates with a solid qualification from a respected Business School have an extremely valuable advantage. It shows drive, intelligence, a love of teamwork, and a will to succeed.

The Asia-Pacific region has invested unprecedented amounts in their educational institutions in recent years. Business Schools in Asia and the South Pacific have been able to ride this wave of public investment to secure better facilities and attract superior teaching and professorial staff, many of whom are only too eager to throw off the shackles of the old way of life to bring success to this vibrant part of the world.

Understandably, this improvement and continued investment is drawing students that may in years gone by simply opted for a traditional Business School in Europe or the USA. With stronger academic offerings, students are now convinced to commit to a course that brings with it the experience of living – and benefiting from work experience – in a part of the world unfamiliar to them, itself a major benefit when it comes to being competitive in a future job market. Little wonder that applications to Asian Business Schools are up.

If you have decided that B-School is for you, put yourself in the position of your future employers before agreeing to any course or college. What will impress them and how does your choice sell you as an individual?

Spending time at school allows the motivated professional to rejoin the workforce with greater practical knowledge and implementable skills to enhance the businesses they work for, plus the original grounding of their earlier time in the field. This balance is extremely attractive to companies striving to stand out from the crowd. Which is why many employers actively send their best and brightest off to Business School to discover a competitive edge.

Important factors to consider when deciding to take advantage of Business School are your aspirations in both the short and longer term. What do you want from your profession? Do your peers and superiors have a similar qualification? Is it needed to develop in your field?

Business School is a sizable commitment, so you must find out if that industry is one you will actually be happy and motivated in. What are the realities of your package and the sacrifices needed to succeed?

The best thing is to talk to your prospective schools and ask them about their studies. Not just the content of the courses, but the industry success of their graduates. Find some testimonials and seek reassurance on the factors that matter most to you and which will give you greatest benefit.

Business School represents a new world of greater opportunities; a wider selection of industries and a higher ceiling to which to rise. You can focus on developing skills or learning whole new specialisms. Business School provides every tool you need to add value to your resume and secure a better future. And as the continued rapid development of international industry and business grows, making this educational commitment in Asia and the South Pacific is an investment with rich returns when it comes to your future prospects.

The Best of Asia’s Business Schools 2014

Asians are universally acknowledged to have a huge interest in travel and people, they are natural students of culture and welcome visitors as eagerly as they explore new lands. Hence, it is no surprise that the continent is emerging as a perfect host to students from all over the world and especially those seeking the very best in business education.

In style, Asian business schools often closely mirror those of Great Britain or the United States. This provides a ready comfort zone for aspiring internationals, a framework that has stood the test of time. This similarity has even gone to the extent of many institutions opening a partner college or university in countries such as China, Singapore, Malaysia and beyond.

Students are expected to be self-motivated and there is high emphasis on success. They are taught via lectures, lab sessions, seminars and tutorials, the emphasis very much on independent study. The scope of study meanwhile is broad and dynamic, crossing as it does academic, professional and – ever more so – vocational fields. With business proving so dynamic and challenging as we go further into the 21st century, business schools in Asia have reacted and consistently deliver outstanding education to prepare the graduate for life at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to describe the higher educational institutions as among the best in the world. Certainly in China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and even Australia, there are facilities to rival any in the world.

Beyond the academic, Asia offers students an array of choice. Modern cosmopolitan cities with shopping, restaurants, art galleries, museums, sporting events and nightlife of the highest order, or a distinctly slower rural life with scenery to defy superlatives and action sports to thrill even the most hardened adventurer. A unique continent with unique opportunities for the business leader of tomorrow. 

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The Best of Asia’s Business Schools 2014

The Best of Australia’s Business Schools 2014

Australia has ridden the wave of Asia’s emergence as the exciting new home of top class international higher education. While institutions in India, China, Japan and Southeast Asia attract ever more students and boast brand new faculties and technology that makes them stand out on a global level, it would have been understandable if Australia’s business schools suffered a drop in numbers. Those who were previously prepared to travel ‘Down Under’ may now feel that with these developing countries being so much more accessible now, they are a more exciting proposition.

However, that hasn’t happened at all. Demand has in fact risen. On one level this is attributable to the growing standards of the region attracting students from Europe and even North America to think Asia-Pacific and Australia has simply the most established and well respected institutions in the region so would always be a popular choice.

The even simpler reason though is the quality of teaching and learning infrastructure has improved. Business Schools in Australia have always been regarded well but – whether in response to the vibrant growth of their nearest neighbors or not – over the past decade Australian higher education has seen an unprecedented number of learning establishments recognized among the world’s best. The facilities have been heavily invested in, the teaching staff rank among the very finest anywhere on Earth and the decorated alumni speak for themselves.

Regularly considered in global polls to be one of the world’s most livable destinations, Australian climate, outdoor lifestyle and friendly denizens make it a perfect home; a key consideration for international students who are likely looking at a whole new life many miles from their family and friends. Of all places, Australia is in prime position to capitalize in attracting the best students thanks to the calibre of their programs and the sheer attraction of the country as one of the most exciting, vibrant and life-affirming countries on the planet. 

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The Best of Australia’s Business Schools 2014