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George School

A Quaker, coeducational, boarding and day school for students in grades nine through twelve.

George School is conveniently located in the heart of the mid-Atlantic seaboard—situated within an hour of Princeton, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two hours from New York City, and three hours from Washington, DC.

In keeping with George School's Quaker spiritual core, our campus is a genuinely friendly place.

Students thrive in a community that embraces diversity in all of its dimensions—where people of different faiths, nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures flourish together.

Domestic and international service programs and foreign language trips show students firsthand how good it feels to immerse themselves in the lives of others.

We inspire our students to seek their authentic selves, and look for the best in others. They are joyful, cerebral, artistic, athletic, spontaneous, flexible, spirited, gregarious, imaginative, inclusive, fun, and determined.

George School was the second boarding school in the country to adopt the IB Diploma program. Today, we remain one of only a few boarding schools in the nation to offer this extraordinary and challenging two-year curriculum. George School offers many paths to the IB Diploma.

The George School IB program structures and balances rigorous academic work with requirements that push students outside the classroom. For the past twenty years, George School's cumulative success rate for students earning the IB Diploma has been 90 percent, significantly higher than the international average of 83 percent. For the past three years, all IB diploma candidates earned the prestigious diploma.

Almost fifty IB courses are offered at George School including several Higher Level (HL) courses. HL classes include mathematics, economics, physics, biology, Latin, literature, history, Chinese, French, and Spanish.

In the past decade, George School has had students from eighty-eight countries. We think that individuals understand themselves better by learning from others and by interacting with the world—and the more varied the world the better. Our international student population typically makes up 20 percent of our total student body.

To enhance our diversity, each year George School makes a substantial financial commitment to create an environment in which students with widely varying life experiences can learn together. Need-based financial aid dollars are granted to almost half of the student body each year. Financial aid is also available for students to participate in service trips, equestrian and music lessons, IB/AP exam fees, and more.

George School students have a can-do spirit and a rock-solid belief that what one does really matters. This combination creates an uncommon inclination to take on challenges and lead by doing. They “let their lives speak,” a Quaker goal that we heartedly endorse. They find that doing good—for others and for the earth we inhabit—is a beautiful thing.

George School students have a remarkable feast of classes, programs, and trips to choose from. As graduates, they go out into the world filled with amazing experiences and a taste for adventure.

George School develops citizen-scholars who are comfortable in their self-awareness and confident in their self-sufficiency. They trust in themselves and in the quality of their education; they are ready for anything life throws their way.

George School
Newtown, PA