International School of LA Burbank 11IB 2016
International School of Los Angeles / Lycée International (LILA)

The International School of Los Angeles is an international preschool through 12th grade school committed to academic excellence in a nurturing and intimate environment that encourages personal initiative, creativity, and curiosity. With five Los Angeles-area campuses, and over 1,000 students, the School holds triple accreditation from the French Ministry of Education, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

Since 1978, the School has been instilling the love of learning in all its students through small classes and low student-to-teacher ratios. With over 60 nationalities represented and 39 languages spoken at the School, students study and live in a diverse global community every day.

The School's curriculum is a bilingual journey with a carefully composed trajectory in English and French. At the end of this journey, students are bilingual and bicultural, exploring concepts and transferring skills with ease in both languages. By the time they graduate, most students also master a third language or more.

All students study a common English-French bilingual program from preschool through 9th grade, after which they choose either the “international” or “pre-French bac” section for 10th grade. Students then formally apply to and enroll in a choice of the rigorous and well-balanced French baccalauréat or International Baccalaureate Diploma programs. The School has offered the IB Diploma to 11th and 12th grade students since 2000, with some 60% of graduates having opted for this credential.

Possessing such a robust bilingual background, many of the School's IB students pursue the Diploma's bilingual option, demonstrating their proficiency by completing the requirements in both English and French at Literature level. In fact, 70% of last year's Diploma awardees earned a Bilingual Diploma, compared to the 3% of U.S. students who achieved the same. Thus, this highly sought-after credential has become another clear mark of distinction for the School's IB students.

The School embraces the belief that an international education must include community service in order to raise socially-conscious children who will understand social and political issues in the real world. Beyond simply implementing the core Creativity, Activity, Service requirement for IB students, the School has adopted the 150-hour prerequisite for its French baccalauréat program, encouraging all students to be involved citizens. The School has seen students invest themselves in meaningful causes from the local to global level. Twin brothers have traveled to Lebanon to work with refugees, students have coordinated a drive to provide Thanksgiving dinners to the local temporary aid center, and others have organized fundraising efforts for the alumna-founded Marpha Foundation. Most recently, 11th grade IB students raised funds for humanitarian relief before traveling to Ecuador, where they worked as reforestation volunteers in the Inti Llacta reserve. Through their achievements in both CAS-related efforts and academic endeavors, students at the International School of Los Angeles deeply embody the IB learner profile's 10 attributes.

Current student feedback suggests that the School's IB Diploma numbers will only grow in the years ahead. With this in mind, the School remains dedicated to identifying consistent and continued curriculum development opportunities by building connections with other IB World School professionals. In 2016, the School established the first-ever area-wide IB postmortem, enabling educators to provide exam feedback directly to the IB, and will host the event's second iteration this year. Recognized as a leader in international education and valuing the sharing of best practices across the field of IB instruction, the School is proud to have had its IB Coordinator selected to participate on a leadership panel at the March 2017 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's Empower17 Conference and to facilitate a workshop at the IB Global Conference 2017 in July.

With last year's cohort representing the largest number of IB students in school history – including a Bilingual Diploma awardee who achieved the School's highest score in more than 10 years – the School is committed to remaining at the forefront of IB education and is enthusiastic about the opportunities the IB Diploma will afford its students.

International School of Los Angeles / Lycée International (LILA)
Burbank, CA