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Walking into his office you can tell Andy isn't your typical attorney. There's a warmth and personality you wouldn't expect from someone who's made his career securing seven-figure verdicts. His desk is covered with books and files, while an old dictaphone sits next to his computer. The scene showcases a convergence of classic simplicity and remarkable efficiency. It's clear Andy Gillin is ready to work.

Building a reputation of excellence

Andy founded what would become Gillin, Jacobson, Ellis, Larsen, & Lucey (GJELL) in 1972 alongside attorney Ralph Jacobson. The two began their careers in legal services for the poor and have maintained a commitment to representing the less fortunate even as their business continued to expand.

Since its inception, GJELL has recovered over $850 million for accident victims and their loved ones. In 2009, the firm had one of the top 100 verdicts in the nation, and in 2011 one of the top 15 personal injury verdicts in California. In 2013, GJELL was awarded the largest recovery for an individual against a bus company in California history, and the top motor vehicle settlement in the state.

Embracing the complex cases

As the firm's reputation has grown throughout Northern California, Andy Gillin and GJELL have become known for their ability to handle the types of cases other firms might shy away from. The firm frequently receives referrals from other attorneys who may not have the resources or the expertise necessary to litigate cases of such complexity.

Throughout his career, Andy has routinely worked alongside California's foremost accident reconstruction specialists. As Andy is fond of saying, “Sometimes the police report is only the starting point.” Without a full investigation, police reports are often written quickly and may contain errors.

GJELL has a team of investigators, including former city police officers and state highway patrolmen, with the ability to go beyond the police report and establish what actually happened. As a result, GJELL regularly recovers larger verdicts or settlements than firms without their level of experience.

Going the extra mile for his clients

Each client is more than a case file. Andy's compassion might be one of his greatest assets, as he instantly puts clients at ease and helps bring support and stability to what is often a traumatic time in their lives.

Andy and the attorneys at GJELL help clients get back on their feet. The firm coordinates insurance claims, sets medical appointments, and does whatever it takes to transition their clients back to a normal life. Andy takes pride in handling all the details of the case so his clients can focus on their health and family instead of worrying about paperwork and logistics.

It's a testament to the character of GJELL's attorneys that they regularly maintain friendships with former clients long after their cases have settled.

Giving back to the community

True to his roots in legal aid, Andy has continued to focus on having a positive impact on the community. The firm has championed numerous safety initiatives, sponsoring pedestrian and cycling advocacy groups, and developing programs such as a kid's bicycle helmet giveaway in which the firm coordinated with local retailers to ensure every child's bike would come with the appropriate safety gear.

Each year Andy and GJELL host an Introduction to Careers in Law program for local high school students interested in learning more about what it's like being an attorney. The program is entering its fourth year, and has provided over 50 high school students an opportunity to cultivate their interests and explore a future career in law.

GJELL continues to take pride in serving as stewards of the community. After over 40 years, Andy Gillin is still fighting to make a difference, going the extra mile for his clients, and continuing to grow GJELL's reputation as one of the top auto accident and personal injury firms in Northern California.

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