Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo’s founder Michael Choi was a partner at one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country. In keeping up with the company's rapid growth, he struggled to find talented developers, quickly discovering there was a major gap between what was being taught to computer science majors in school, and what they were capable of upon graduation.

He knew there was a better way to land quality talent, so he decided to create an internal training program that could quickly on-ramp CS grads and junior developers to give them practical programming skills.

After continuous refinement, Michael decided to roll out his developer training curriculum to the public.

At the start of 2012, Michael held Coding Dojo’s first “coding bootcamp,” which was a term less common at this time, in Mountain View, CA. The first bootcamp covered two full technology stacks in 9-weeks (a stack being a combination of software products and programming languages used to create front-end and back-end applications).

Over time, Michael and his team continued to refine the course material, and within months, this former internal program evolved into a 14-week programming bootcamp covering web fundamentals and three full technology stacks, supported by an extensive Career Services track.

To this day, Coding Dojo is the only school in the world capable of teaching three tech stacks in 14 weeks.

Desiring to return to his roots and passion for teaching, Michael brought on Richard Wang as the new CEO, in 2014. Since then, Coding Dojo expanded its curriculum to multiple locations in Silicon Valley, Seattle, Dallas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Chicago.

Coding Dojo Curriculum

Coding Dojo provides rigorous, comprehensive full-stack development training programs to meet the career goals of both aspiring developers and industry veterans.

In 14 weeks, students can choose to learn any three of the industry’s most in-demand web and mobile development languages: Ruby on Rails, LAMP, MEAN, Python and Swift/iOS. By training students on multiple languages they are more adaptable, have more tools to solve programming problems, and can qualify for a wider range of job opportunities.

Coding Dojo is strategically located across the US in major tech-hubs amidst the campuses of companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and countless startups.  Given the industry demand for developers who can program in multiple stacks, Coding Dojo’s curriculum is not only in-depth, but also job relevant.

In addition to an extensive curriculum, students also receive: 15 hours per day of mentored guidance, quick feedback in the evening from remote Teacher Assistants, and tailored course content that accommodates both beginners and experienced developers–all while building advanced web applications, solving job relevant problems, and learning to think like true software engineers.

For students who can’t attend on-site, Coding Dojo offers an online option that delivers the same immersive, high-quality curriculum with hands-on instructor support. There are also program options–both onsite and online–for experienced developers interested in picking up a new technology stack.

Lastly, unlike the majority of software bootcamps, Coding Dojo accepts applicants from all walks of life, believing firmly that anyone can code so long as they have the right passion and motivation. Students who attend Coding Dojo, even with zero coding experience before the program, go on to work as professional developers and typically see a substantial increase in income following completion of the bootcamp.


In July 2016 Coding Dojo announced that they have awarded over one million dollars in scholarships since early 2013.

The school offers one of the widest ranges of scholarships for prospective bootcamp students in the world. With a focus on increasing diversity in tech, scholarship options are available for women, people of color, veterans and more.

Coding Dojo also teams up with several lending partners to offer affordable financing options for students.

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