Holberton School

Holberton School: A new kind of education

Holberton School offers a two-year higher-education program in San Francisco, to become a highly skilled software and operations engineer, through project-based and peer learning.

Project-based learning

Project-based learning is an alternative to paper-based, mechanical memorization and teacher-led classrooms that results in a greater depth of understanding concepts, broader knowledge base, improved communication and interpersonal/social skills, enhanced leadership skills, increased creativity.

Instead of teaching students a lot of theory, and then sometimes have them apply a fraction of it through a class project, Holberton School does the exact opposite. The school gives them increasingly difficult programming challenges to solve, and give them minimal initial directions about how to solve them. As a consequence, Holberton students naturally look for the theory and tools they need, understand them, use them, work together, and help each other.

Students out of Holberton School are better prepared to work in the tech industry, and prepared to learn absolutely anything very quickly, ensuring their adaptability through the quickly-evolving technological landscape.

Peer learning

Peer learning is an educational practice in which students interact with other students to reach educational goals. Coupled with project-based learning, it allows Holberton students to unleash their creativity and naturally learn how to work as a team to solve practical challenges.

At Holberton School, every student helps every other student. Students are encouraged to share their knowledge and help each other.

When a student successfully explains a concept to another student, everyone wins: the student receiving the explanation, as it's been proven that abstract concepts are better understood when explained by peers; and the student performing the explanation, as it is the best way to achieve knowledge consolidation.

Peer education is known to foster a very constructive learning culture, as students are immersed into an environment where everyone is driven to help each other.

Learn how to learn

As the world is changing faster and faster, Holberton School's focus is not to teach their students specific programming languages, frameworks or tools, because nobody can predict what they will need to know tomorrow.

Instead, the school teaches problem solving. Students learn whatever they need to accomplish an objective. They find solutions to problems using offline and online resources, imagination, creativity and communication. By doing so, they will be able to adapt faster to unknown challenges they will face in their career.

At Holberton School, students become thinkers, not information processors.


Holberton School provides a two-year higher-education program made up of three different parts: 9 months of intense training on software engineering fundamentals, a 6-month internship, and 9 months of onsite or remote study in a specialization of choice.

The goal of Holberton School is not to teach students a specific programming language or a specific framework, but to teach them problem solving so that they can be successful during their entire career. Holberton students learn whatever they need to learn to accomplish objectives, including low-level and system programming, higher level programming, web and mobile development, system administration and operations, open-source, algorithms, reverse engineering, etc… as well as documentation, communication, community building, etc.

Holberton students learn how to build a product, but also how to understand and communicate with others.

A journey among the industry leaders

Holberton School students regularly interact with real-life software engineers and industry leaders coming from small and bigger companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google, Uber, LinkedIn, Docker, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

No upfront cost

Holberton School believes that people from every community and background should have the opportunity to become a software or operation engineer.

That is why there is no upfront cost to join Holberton School. The school charges a percentage of the salary of its students once they find a job.

That means two important things:

1. The only way for Holberton to make money is if its students build a successful career.

2. No matter what, Holberton students will never take non refundable debt.

Holberton School