Codesmith is a selective, need-blind 12 week Residency teaching Software Engineering and Machine Learning at campuses in LA, NY and Oxford University.

Graduates of the program typically earn between $95k and $140k (with an average salary of $103k). Head of Engineering Brandon Mizuno explains “Codesmith students are known as Residents, highlighting the groundbreaking work that they achieve during the program.” Residents have built projects that headlined Google I/O (Google's annual developer conference), have been featured by the creator of the JavaScript language, and have earned 20,000+ Github stars in the process. CEO of Codesmith, Will Sentance, noted “We are enormously proud of the impact of the Codesmith residents on the developer community both in their work at Codesmith and beyond”. To help achieve this, residents are advised by top engineers from Netflix, Facebook and Google.

Codesmith graduates work at Amazon, Microsoft, LinkedIn and PayPal on some of the largest and most exciting technology platforms in the country. However Codesmith graduates take a wide range of roles. Others are working to transform healthcare at Heal and Impact Health, mental health at UCLA, and drone technology at Airmap.

The program focuses largely on computer science and fullstack JavaScript, with an emphasis on the most valuable contemporary technologies - React, Redux, Node, build tools, and machine learning. This enables Codesmith residents to build compelling open-source projects and ultimately move on to positions as leading software engineers.

Residents become engineers, not technicians, through a deep understanding of advanced JavaScript practices, fundamental computer science concepts (such as algorithms & data structures), and object oriented & functional programming. The curriculum drives Residents to develop strong problem-solving ability and technical communication skills, the most valued capacities in a software engineer. Mark Marcelo, a Codesmith alumnus and Senior Software Engineer at Wag! noted, "Codesmith immersed me in situations that I now find common working as a senior engineer - that is, situations that require quick, autonomous problem-solving. The curriculum prepared me for a rapidly changing industry where the ability to communicate your solutions across all technical backgrounds is paramount."

This focus on engineering excellence is complemented by a tight-knit and supportive community. Residents will often spend 100+ hours per week on campus. The space has a dynamic startup energy with students clustered around whiteboards, playing ping pong and engaged in deep conversation about how to construct a binary search tree. Each cohort, a family day lets residents bring their family members to get a taste of coding together - whether partners, children or parents.

In addition to its core curriculum, Codesmith offers an extensive hiring support program that guides Residents through whiteboarding, advanced technical interview practice, resume and profile development, and interview and networking strategies. Support continues upon graduation with extensive tailored guidance and, after offers, negotiation support. Overall, 25% of graduates receive offers for Senior Engineer positions and above, and about 70% receive offers for Mid-level Engineer. In addition, the Codesmith community remains a home for graduates for their entire careers.

A recent addition to the graduate community was a 6 week part time program on Machine learning - to help Codesmith graduates enter this impactful new field. Thai Nguyen, a Codesmith alumnus and Lead Technical Mentor who participated in the program remarked, “Many in the program were in attendance to gain skills that they could apply in their current engineering roles, while others attended for personal growth as engineers. By the end of the program, several engineers who began their careers at Codesmith were able to evolve their roles at their respective companies to stay on the cutting edge of the tech industry.”

The Codesmith community is broader than the 12 week Residency itself. It takes in the Build With Code community and particularly JavaScript - The Hard Parts - a free 3-part workshop series that has been taught to over 20,000 students and featured on Frontend Masters.

We asked CEO Will Sentance why he founded Codesmith: “Technology is transforming every aspect of our society, even faster than we could have imagined. We want to create the next generation of leaders that will be expert software engineers, creators and communicators. We are already seeing this happen and the journey is only just beginning.”

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