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The Software Guild: A Different Kind of Coding Bootcamp

Technology has changed our world, and those changes are only accelerating. That means that the demands of the job market are changing as well. No longer is a four-year degree the best way to gain knowledge for a lifelong career. The new economy demands the acquisition of skills fast and wants nimble workers who can keep up. Coding bootcamps are one way to stay ahead of the curve and learn in-demand skills, fast.

Defining a Bootcamp
At their core, most bootcamps promise the same thing. “Give us a short period of time,” they say, “and we'll give you skills that will help you be employed.” The Software Guild has the same promise. Our on-ground bootcamps and training programs can help graduates find technology roles after only 12 weeks of immersive, hands-on training. Our part-time online programs teach the same skills in less than a year.

The Software Guild Difference
But while bootcamps may all promise the same thing, not all of them are created equal. The Software Guild takes a different approach to learning.

Guild for Life. As mentioned earlier, technology is always changing. Even experts in the field need to keep their skills sharp. That's why we offer a range of programs, for those who are just learning coding to those who have been working in the field for years but want to learn a new competency. Graduates maintain relationships with instructors and peers, so they can continue to ask questions and learn even when the bootcamp is over. And our Employer Network is always open to Guildies, helping with everything from knowing about job openings to polishing a resume to ensuring social media profiles are optimized.

Verified Results. At The Software Guild, we mean what we say. As part of our commitment to honesty, we are proud to be a founding member of the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR). This consortium of bootcamps uses third-party verification to ensure that outcomes (such as job placement rates and salary information) are accurate. So when we say we have a 92 percent graduation rate, you can trust that we're telling the truth.

Relevant Programs. Technology changes mean the languages bootcamps are teaching need to change too. At The Software Guild, we regularly update our curriculum and programs offered to ensure we're meeting the needs of the labor market. From foundational languages used by some of the biggest companies in the world, like .NET/C# and Java, to some of the most desired skills in the world, such as cyber security, The Software Guild can help students gain the skills they need.

Rigorous Standards. One of the harsh realities of this world is that not everyone is cut out for a bootcamp. That's why we have a selective enrollment process that ensures those who are accepted are prepared to succeed. For beginners, we ask for six weeks of prework so we know everyone has the same base level of knowledge. For more advanced students, we have an interview process to determine what they are currently capable of and what they'd like to learn.

Master Instructors. Once accepted, those in The Software Guild will learn from instructors with years of real-world experience. On average, our instructors have 10 years of experience, working in industries ranging from gaming to health care and more. These instructors teach a curriculum grounded in the actual needs of employers, one designed to enable graduates to make a difference from their first day on the job.

Career Readiness. The Employer Network helps graduates find jobs that meet their new skill set, but we know career readiness goes beyond job postings. Throughout our bootcamps, we work to prepare students with soft skills, such as communication and teamwork. We also offer assistance with things like interview prep and social media management.

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