The award winning Nysmith School in Herndon, Virginia, provides a world class education while emphasizing the sheer joy that comes with learning. Your child will be engaged in meaningful, stimulating educational activities in all subject areas every day. He or she will collaborate with other, academically gifted students every day, exploring and discovering, as they are guided by subject area specialists devoted to developing students' deep love of their subject areas.

The Nysmith School serves over 550 students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Students enter our beautiful facility every day, filled with open, light filled classrooms and hallways. They are greeted by the administrative staff every morning, welcomed as they begin another exciting day. Students change classes, without bells, beginning in kindergarten so they can share each subject with specialist teachers whose goal is to inspire a love of their discipline in every student. This goal is the foundation of the Nysmith experience and results in a differentiated program focused on building the skills, confidence, and passion of each individual student. Students know that they are developing their personal skills and are not being compared to others. They can move ahead when they are ready, or go deeper into an area of particular interest.

In a busy day filled with daily science labs, a sequential technology program, foreign language classes, and differentiated math and reading, students collaborate with peers who share their excitement about knowledge and learning. They learn to collaborate, to communicate their ideas effectively, to listen to other points of view, and to execute their plan. Students are guided by teachers who cultivate respectful relationships, who really know each student and are committed to helping them become their personal best.

Students and teachers are supported with four computer labs plus the Media Center with over 30 stations and 6 mobile carts. Students work in 5 science labs, two gyms, and 48 classrooms, all on over 13 acres. Four pod areas plus the beautiful Silver Atrium allow teachers to work outside the classroom with smaller groups. The 1:9 teacher student ratio allows students and teachers to build real learning partnerships and make life-long connections.

Students at Nysmith are almost always talking! They are excited about the academic content and the methods Nysmith teachers use. From the preschool Pirate parade (looking for “treasure” or letters of the alphabet hidden around the school), to the kindergarten leadership development as they formally introduce themselves to the front office staff, all the way to 7th graders working in small groups with self-made astrolabs to navigate around the building, Nysmith students are fully involved in their learning. Head of school, Ken Nysmith explains, “We are a family owned school, with over thirty years of experience, and we know how to make school fun and meaningful. We are committed to helping your child develop their potential and reach for the stars.”

Nysmith alumni have written that being at Nysmith changed their lives. No matter what field they eventually followed, they are confident young people making their contributions to the world. Come and see how they got their start!

The Nysmith School for the Gifted
Herndon, VA
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