GEMS World Academy Chicago
GEMS World Academy Chicago

The role of education is changing. Schools have to prepare students for a world that is more diverse, more connected and more rapidly evolving than ever before. Helping young people to memorize dates and formulas is not enough; today's students must know how to think, how to communicate and how to create.

GEMS World Academy Chicago, a premier private school serving students in pre-K through Grade 12, embraces this mission. We use the International Baccalaureate curriculum framework for all students. Built upon student inquiry, the IB values critical thinking over memorization. GEMS students are encouraged to ask questions about the world and develop a design-thinking mindset to solve problems.

Consider some of the units our students explore. Pre-K students study symbiosis, focusing on how humans and animals rely on each other; first-graders look at accessibility and how it affects the way people experience the world; fifth-graders study government systems and the roles that individuals play in them; and our Middle School students explore the concept of identity and what factors contribute to it.

Teachers take a transdisciplinary approach to all the units our students explore, weaving different academic disciplines together into uncommonly rich lessons. One can't discuss accessibility, for instance, without considering the geometry of ramps built for people in wheelchairs. To explore identity, students must look at how biological traits are passed down, and why those evolve over time.

GEMS supplements the core curricular framework with three programs that both expand and enhance students' worlds – daily instruction in a world language; an emphasis on the creative use of technology and design; and mobile-learning expeditions that turn the entire city of Chicago into our campus.

When our students complete their educational journeys at GEMS, they have developed a nuanced and empathetic view of the world. They know how to communicate with people, including those from different cultural backgrounds, and they have the high-order thinking skills necessary to create and innovate. In short, they become principled global citizens.

As an independent private school, GEMS World Academy Chicago can push its academic program into creative directions that keep it on the forefront of education thought and practice. We can ensure that students explore the world through multiple lenses, solving problems and communicating new ideas as scientists, engineers, designers and artists. In our school, paintbrushes, robotics kits, 3-D printers and laser cutters all serve the same purpose – to help our students create bold new ways to transform the world.

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