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As we move towards a smaller, more interconnected world, it is becoming ever clearer that in order to meet the top priority of global industries and economies, countries have to invest in the quality of their workers. The only way to nurture a sophisticated global generation is to do so from the ground up: through education.

With an increasingly competitive global education sector and a greater focus on individual-based development, the days of ‘mass production’ teaching techniques such as rote learning and blind copying are growing more and more numbered. The development of critical thinking, reasoning and communication skills in students – abilities that will shape their character for life – is more important in the long-term goal of producing an intelligent workforce than gearing lessons purely towards achieving a pass grade in the next examination.

In reflection of this, the best universities in the world are adopting a global perspective to best prepare their students for the world business stage.


There are many compelling reasons to study in China, with just one being the commitment to education demonstrated by the steadily increasing levels of investment in education across the nation.

The number of educational institutions has doubled in the last decade to over 2,409 and many universities are developing research and analytic facilities to rival the best schools in the west.

A focal initiative is Project 211, which was created in order to bring 100 Chinese universities up to a world-class standard.  Similarly, Project 985 was initiated, with the aim of creating an even more elite group of universities. This has led to the creation of the C9 league, with the aim of establishing itself as something akin to the US Ivy League.

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China's Leading Universities 2017


By studying in Israel, you place yourself at the center of a rich, diverse and dynamic culture with innovation at its core. Although a relatively young country, Israel is renowned for its high-tech development, which is why it is known as ‘the start-up nation’!

Education is highly valued within the national culture of Israel, and its higher education sector has been praised for helping to encourage the country’s economic development and recent technological boom.

Israel boasts nine universities, as well as lots of higher education colleges; with the universities offering degrees to doctorate level. Courses are often taught in Hebrew, but many leading Israeli universities also offer English-taught programs.

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Qatar is the richest country in the world with its high GDP per capita in excess of $140,000, making it a nation with enormous purchasing power and creating fertile ground for businesses to grow.

A significant advantage for a business student to study in Qatar is the ability to gain hands-on insight into the business and local culture, picking up the nuances that can make or break business negotiations.

Education in Qatar is very diverse, with many schools representing a variety of international curriculum systems. There are approximately 338 international schools in the country and several prestigious universities from around the world have satellite campuses there.

Qatar also features as an Education City with some high-technology facilities and houses many campuses run by a foreign institutions from the US, London and France. With funds channeled into transforming the academic landscape of Qatar, students find themselves able to build solid business connections or establish themselves in the country's economic juggernaut - the oil and gas industry.

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Qatar's Leading Universities 2017

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia boasts one of the fastest-growing higher education systems in the Middle East, and offers a number of world-class institutions. The country also invests heavily in the facilities at its schools, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive educational environment in producing the thought leaders of tomorrow.

Given the importance of the energy sector to the country, it’s no surprise that universities in Saudi Arabia are especially well-renowned for oil and gas engineering degree programs. Those who wish to stay on and work in the country will also find lucrative graduate career prospects offered in these sectors.

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Saudi Arabia's Leading Universities 2017


Home to international financial centers such as Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland is a leader in the global business community thanks to a number of factors: its strategic location next to major European economies, advanced infrastructure, numerous international free trade agreements and liberal employment laws.

Naturally, Switzerland has no shortage of world-class universities offering top-notch MBA degree courses, strengthened by practical internships to produce well-rounded, highly skilled graduates. As the ‘most competitive country in the world’, students will have to step up their game if they hope to gain a place among some of the largest multinational companies making their headquarters in Switzerland, promoting the drive for constant improvement and advancement.

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Switzerland's Leading Universities 2017


Home to some of the best universities in the Gulf region, there are numerous internationally recognized universities to choose from including the American University of Sharjah. Institutions like this have international affiliations, providing various undergraduate and postgraduate programs in an array of fields including the arts and business besides the traditional engineering and construction programs.

The region also hosts the Dubai Knowledge Village. The 1 km long campus brings together globally recognized international universities, training centers, e-learning, and research and development companies in one location. As of early 2007, it had attracted 16 international university partners.

Adding to its appeal, job opportunities in non-oil sectors are on the rise. UAE is a melting pot of a broad range of world cultures present, and the nation truly defines a global citizen perfect for the student to explore.

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UAE's Leading Universities 2017