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Ever Thought About Nursing? 7 Reasons You Should

One of the most gratifying and rewarding careers, nursing makes a rich, valuable contribution to society. Even as a "second career" nursing is a fruitful choice for people who feel they are not in the right job. Here are seven of the many reasons you should opt for a vocation that brings joy to your life by you bringing joy and comfort to others.

No Greater Responsibility

As a nurse, you are at the frontline of patient care. They need you to make important, indeed life-saving decisions for their wellbeing. You work closely with doctors to analyze records and test results to advise on treatment. You will often be responsible for bringing the right specialist doctor and are often the first on the scene to treat people in an emergency. Every day, nurses make decisions that can be the difference between life and death. This responsibility is a great burden but it is also demonstrates the importance of the role and underlines the need for quality nurses. If you find this position of trust and the importance of the role to be tremendously inspiring, nursing could be for you.

Making A Difference

Nurses are people with strong principles, great compassion and endless empathy for human suffering, regardless of their background and beliefs. Everyone who comes into contact with a nursing professional needs their care. As a result, nurses have a unique appreciation for the value of life and the difference each of us make to those around us.

Every Day Is A Schoolday

With the ceaseless challenges that face a nurse, you will always be learning, always understanding more, about people and their suffering. There are opportunities to work in various departments and at various levels, ensuring you can focus on specific areas of care and meet different types of people, each facing different stresses and requiring different level of support and care from you. You will benefit from watching and learning from the experienced nurses around you. And, as new nurses require guidance, your insight and instincts will rub off on the next generation of carers proving that nursing is a career with a great legacy.

Always In Demand

Your skills as a nurse will remain relevant and required for your lifetime and beyond. This brings job security, a good wage, career mobility, and chance to define your own career path. You can work part or full time according to your preference. You can be flexible on work location and specialism. If you see a particular area that interests you, you can follow that as there will always be the need for quality nurses with passion for their work. Jobs in the field are in high demand, with significant opportunities to learn, grow and reach senior leadership positions. Even in a recession or economic downturn, people still need nurses. And they always will.

At The Cutting-Edge Of Technology

The constant strive for the very best healthcare means that new technology in nursing is constantly introduced. You will be expected to use this effectively for your patients and so a smart mind and confidence with IT or cutting-edge practices is necessary. You will need to use the tools, plus interpret the results they produce to be able to treat patients and, just as important, deliver news of their status to them and their loved ones.

The Influencer

Because nursing is at the very frontline of healthcare, few other careers experience the direct impact of major policy decisions. You see suffering among every area of society, giving you a valuable insight into what people need and how politics interferes for good and ill in their lives. Policy-makers need nurses' wisdom and insight to deliver the best strategy and investment for their community.

The Powerbroker

Nurses make up the largest number of healthcare professionals. You are part of a special family that has a role as advocate both inside and outside of the workplace. You will directly and indirectly help people through your care and sharing positive behaviour and healthy practices. Your advice on which doctor to consult, where to attend local clinics, treatments and health education will forever be of value and your opinion always sought.

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