H-FARM International School
H-FARM International School

H-FARM International School (H-IS) is an IB-certified boarding school overlooking the Venice lagoon, a stone's throw from the Dolomite mountains, and minutes from the beaches of the Adriatic coast. Unlike traditional schools, the high school was built on Europe's largest innovation campus. Through the unique H-FARM learning approach and through collaboration with other organizations on campus, H-IS creates future-ready students.

Every H-FARM student can express their creativity and their full potential through a rigorous course of study. 9th and 10th grade students take core classes that include combined sciences, English and math. They can then customize their subject choices, focusing on the skills and topics they are most passionate about. These elective subjects include: lab experimentation, literature, computer science, sports, visual arts, economics and humanities.

In addition to the traditional academic subject areas, H-IS also offers hands-on entrepreneurial classes that leverage the network of H-FARM's startups. In the Acceleration Lab and Startup Lab classes, students are paired with mentors from the world of innovation, who help students develop their original ideas into an actual startup. Students have pitched their projects,such as "UberEats for local vegetables" and a version of Monopoly based on ancient Venice to an audience of investors. The students are also inspired by motivational speakers, entrepreneurs, or changemakers who present their life story in the weekly Ignition Lab.

As an Apple Distinguished School, H-IS is proud to seamlessly integrate technology into our pedagogy. All students are assigned a Macbook and iPad upon arrival and taught how to create videos on iMovie, coding with robotics, and launch fully-functional websites. Students as young as 10 year olds fly drones, while more mature students program the drones' movements based on facial recognition. The school also has a dedicated virtual reality room, where lessons are taught using Oculus visors.

The experiential learning opportunities at H-IS prepares students who enter the International School of Talents Diploma Programme for their 11th and 12th grades. These upper level students are provided guidance throughout the admission process to UK, American, and European universities. Special support to ace university entrance tests such as the SAT is also provided. Some of our recent graduates are attending King's College, City University in London, Hult Business School, and the European School of Economics in addition to top Italian universities (Ca' Foscari, Bocconi, LUISS).

The 600-person student body is taught by experienced teachers from all over the world. Representing over 20 different nationalities, H-IS teachers have an average of 10 years of teaching experience in international environments. Most importantly, the teacher-to-student ratio will always be capped at a maximum of 22.

Beyond the academic sphere, international students can live on-campus in new dormitories. The students have access to world-class amenities that include: a BMX skate park, tennis courts, indoor sports facilities, modern library, and delicious canteen with food inspired by Michelin-star catering. The H-IS housing staff work around the clock to ensure safety and comfort of the boarding students. Teachers also provide after-school tutoring for those students who need extra help. Otherwise, students can also join extracurricular activities, whether it's broadcasting on the H-Radio Wow radio station or joining a sports team. During the weekends, students enjoy off-campus activities, ranging from sailing, horse riding, golfing, and enjoying Venice, Cortina and the beaches of Jesolo.

H-FARM International School is the ideal place to start building your future in Europe and beyond. Come and experience an international education experience that integrates innovation, cultivates creativity, and pushes you to dream bigger.

H-FARM International School
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