University of Saint Joseph (USJ)
University of Saint Joseph (USJ)

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) Architecture Department Programs - Bachelor of Architectural Studies and Master of Architecture - are designed to empower a new generation of architects committed to improving the built environment and leading through meaningful design innovation. The programs provide students with a holistic education, enabling them with creative abilities, cultural background, technical skills, and professional knowledge to pursue an impactful career in architecture, both in Macao and internationally.

Macao is an inspiring and fascinating place to study architecture with its unique blend of cultures, extraordinary density, and dynamic urban development. The USJ architecture programs explore Macao and the Greater Bay Area as a laboratory for students to test new spatial answers to contemporary challenges and opportunities. With an idealistic yet pragmatic approach, the programs follow international architectural education standards while exploring the specific locality and cultural context conditions.

In line with current standards for international academic and professional bodies, the USJ offers a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Architectural Studies followed by a two-year postgraduate Masters of Architecture. This two-degree sequence is locally accredited and provides a path for professional accreditation in architecture internationally.

The curricula are rooted in tectonics and sustainability, addressing themes such as high-density housing, heritage management and conservation, experimental material fabrication, and innovative mixed-use architecture. With a studio-based approach, students build their conceptual and technical skills by developing real-case projects. Teaching is led by a talented team of full-time academic staff and visiting professors with extensive expertise, academic and professional recognition.

The Bamboo Pavilion is a yearly USJ staple where architecture students combine vernacular bamboo techniques and digital design skills to design and build an iconic architecture structure open to the local community. This temporary structure stands as an invitation for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The USJ Campus is a new green building complex, a showpiece of sustainable architecture, and an inspiring ecosystem for future architects. At USJ, students use state-of-the-art computation and fabrication equipment that provide them with the tools for developing innovative projects. Architecture students are trained on the latest software, technology, and digital fabrication to ensure they are well prepared to work in the industry and actively contribute to its further development.

The university has established international collaborative relationships with other academic institutions to expose students to a competitive global context. The Department of Architecture promotes a wide range of cultural exchange opportunities with workshops in Macao and abroad, international architectural tours, lecture series, local and international exhibitions, and semester-long exchanges with universities worldwide.

USJ architecture students have earned local and international awards and have their work widely published and exhibited. They are well regarded within the architecture industry and are employed in the local private and public sectors and pursue international careers from Asia to Europe, Africa, and America.

The programs emphasize ethics and expertise, encouraging students to be socially committed and generous and designing for the common good. Students are challenged to generate innovative architectural and urban forms created from the public perspective that contribute to cities and their citizens' future by improving the design of the daily spaces where human activities take place.

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