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Leading Business Schools 2017

If ‘to B-School or not to B-School’ is the question, the answer, when it comes to advancing your career prospects, is a resounding ‘yes’! However, the extent of the benefit depends on the caliber of the school and your individual aspirations and dedication.

A Business School education is very highly regarded by potential employers, and candidates with a solid qualification from a respected institution gain an extremely valuable advantage in the job marketplace. A successful business qualification means you have drive, intelligence, are a team player and have the determination to succeed - all qualities that interviewers will find very compelling.

Business Schools develop more than pure knowledge, they create strong leaders who inspire those around them and get results. A school that stands out will liberate and nurture the best qualities in their alumni: integrity, sincerity, innovation, discipline, courage and respect.

A Business School degree opens the door to a new world of greater opportunities; a wider selection of industries and a higher stratosphere for your career to rise to. Attending a Business School could also allow you to secure a prestigious internship and extend your network with other professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries, all of whom have relevant, interesting takes on how to succeed in their field. In this way, and in many more, Business Schools provide you with numerous tools you need to add value to your resume and secure a better future.

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China’s impressive GDP growth since the move to a free market economy, has made it one of the world’s fastest-growing economies – and increasingly the country is burnishing its credentials as one of the globe’s most influential and consequential superpowers.  

Students who choose to pursue business studies in China are well-placed, not just because they can gain a unique perspective on China’s policies, trends and issues, but also because with the correct placements and internships, they could potentially even launch their career with one of the many new businesses and industries there. Besides local corporations, international giants such as Apple and Dell also have a solid presence in the country and the chance to forge new paths in China’s emerging market for such big names is an exciting prospect for adventurous businesspeople.

Even for those who do not plan to work in China itself, hands-on knowledge of the Chinese economy and business practices will be a plus point in any resume, particularly with many foreign corporations aiming to woo the Chinese market.

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Leading Business Schools in China 2017


Japan is inextricably linked in most people’s minds with some of the world’s most successful and influential companies – particularly in the tech and automotive industries. Brands like Sony, Nintendo and Honda are household names and help define and set the agenda for the consumer markets they operate in. It is fitting then that the county has recently been seeing an uptick in the number of MBA and other higher business degrees offered, with an increasing number of these also taught in English.

Another big reason to consider the Land of The Rising Sun is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique cultural experiences that make Japan fascinating to all international candidates. What better way to get a rounded business experience than studying in a completely different environment and setting? Candidates with global experience like this are very attractive to multinational corporations.

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Leading Business Schools in Japan 2017


Qatar is a truly unique country, combining old world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication and the chance to enjoy a rich cultural tapestry with new experiences and adventures. It also benefits from being the richest country in the world giving it considerable buying power and creating a conducive environment for businesses to grow.

Doha is Qatar’s capital city and is located on the east coast of the Persian Gulf. It is Qatar's fastest growing city, with over 50% of the nation's population living in the center or in its surrounding suburbs, and it is also the economic center of the country. Carnegie Mellon University is located there and offers students the winning combination of a world class education in a culturally rich and vibrant setting. The primary advantage for a business student studying in Qatar is the ability to gain hands-on insight into the business and local culture, picking up the nuances that can make or break business negotiations.

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Leading Business Schools in Qatar 2017

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s standing in the Islamic world is unique as it hosts the two most revered and sacred destinations in Mecca and Medina, which is why it is also known as "The Land of Two Holy Mosques".

The country is also home to many of the leading universities in the Arab region, and is a popular study destination for international students from within the region, as well as those from different continents. In addition to the chance to enroll at a growing number of world-renowned universities, studying in Saudi Arabia also offers access to a unique and distinctive political and cultural environment, as well as access to some of the region’s greatest ancient archaeological sites. This immersion in an ancient and sacred cultural destination can only help enhance your global outlook and give you inspiration and ideas that a more mundane location could not hope to inspire.

Leading universities in Saudi Arabia enjoy excellent facilities that are second to none due to the county’s continuing investment in higher education. The wealth invested comes largely from the country’s vast fuel resources – including approximately 20% of the planet’s oil reserves – which has powered the nation’s rapid development over the last half-century, with a strong impact on trade, business, tourism, education, technology, transport, architecture and culture, particularly within the key cities.

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Leading Business Schools in Saudi Arabia 2017


To say that Switzerland ticks all the boxes for an educational destination is an understatement.  If the country’s predominance of high quality internationally lauded schools doesn’t persuade you, maybe the fact that the Swiss invest a higher proportion of their GDP in education than almost any country in the world might. Still not convinced? How about Switzerland’s unparalleled position as an international business hub, helping it attract the world’s best professors and speakers? If you need more, then consider that the country boasts one of the highest proportions of international student populations of any comparable region. This provides invaluable international networking opportunities as well as exposure to ideas and methodologies from a variety of different countries and cultures – a great preparation for doing business in the global marketplace.

Lastly, Switzerland provides an ideal ‘stepping off’ point to explore Europe’s most diverse and culturally stimulating locations and cities, and nothing nourishes the mind and soul like travel.

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Leading Business Schools in Switzerland 2017


The United Arab Emirates, as well as being an idyllic destination in its own right, is home to some of the best universities in the Gulf region. The UAE, as it is known, is made up of seven states (emirates), with each having a measure of autonomy under the federal government, known as the Supreme Council of Rulers. Fittingly, this institution is made up of the seven emirs – the leaders of each emirate – who inherit their positions.

As with a number of the regions countries, oil has played a critical role in the nation’s fortunes, with the pivotal decade being the 1950s, when it was first discovered. This promoted a huge boost and expansion to the UAE’s economy and wealth with all the benefits that this brings. This has acted as a catalyst for the UAE to grow its construction and tourism industries and the county has become synonymous with breathtaking, daring architecture with sophisticated and luxurious facilities. The resulting environment makes for a stimulating and energizing location to study business whilst reveling in the unique culture and surroundings.


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