All Points North Lodge
All Points North Lodge

Who We Are

All Points North Lodge is a comprehensive wellness and personal development campus offering four distinct tracks. From trauma-integrated addiction treatment and immersive workshops to concierge medicine and athletic mental health, APN Lodge offers custom-curated and cutting-edge services.


We blend evidence-based practices, philosophy influences, and components of the ECHO Model and Medical Home Model to offer cutting-edge, client-centered care in each program track. Medical, pain management, activity, and fitness partnerships round out our multidisciplinary and experiential treatment. With Vail Health as our partner for primary and preventative care, our luxury campus is, in every way, an enriched environment of care – optimized for healing, recovery, retreat, and personal development.

Trauma integration forms the foundation of all therapies as we address both the client's symptoms and their root cause. In group and one-on-one sessions, we utilize our clinical team's expertise in CBT, DBT, EMDR, somatic experiencing, PIT, talk therapy, and much more.

Family treatment, health packages, one-on-one coaching, and immersive workshops allow clients and their families to stay connected and receive support through whatever season of life might come next.

Tracks and Services

    • APN Behavioral– Addiction and trauma treatment
        • Substance addiction & process addiction treatment
            • Full-continuum of care
            • Multidisciplinary integrated approach
        • Trauma therapy
            • Cutting-edge therapy modalities
            • All-male, all-female, and co-ed options
    • APN Coaching– Immersive workshops and one-on-one coaching
        • Rise Immersive Workshop
            • 5-day workshop on confronting the past and reclaiming the future
            • Modalities including group work, mindfulness, yoga nidra, somatic experiencing, massage therapy, experience-based processing, breathwork, and more
        • One-on-one coaching
            • Telecoaching packages for convenience
            • Executive coaching, career coaching, life coaching, financial coaching, results coaching, relationship coaching, and more
    • APN Athletics:
        • Suspension program for athletes
        • Athlete-oriented addiction treatment
        • Workshops, coaching, and treatment for families
        • Coaching for coaches
        • Team workshops and customized workshops
        • Assessments, interventions, and mental health management
    • APN Health:
        • Executive health
            • In-depth concierge medicine and assessments
        • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
            • Partnership with Vail Health and Howard Head for a variety of therapies and rehabilitation programs
        • APN Concussion & Depression Center
            • Deep TMS
            • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
        • Performance
            • Partnership with Vail Health and Howard Head for physical training, sports science, nutrition, and other performance programs

All Points North Lodge goes beyond the baseline to form a lifelong connection with clients, their families, and their friends – in the constant pursuit of optimal health and sustainable wellness.

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2205 Cordillera Way
Edwards, CO 81632

All Points North Lodge
Edwards, CO