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Ukrainian surrogacy agency VittoriaVita offers programs for American couples

"VittoriaVita" is an international surrogacy agency located in Ukraine. The cost of the programs ranges from 36 to 52 thousand dollars. The mentioned price includes organizational, health and legal services. What do you need to know about surrogacy in Ukraine? What can VittoriaVita offer to American couples?

Ukrainian legislation allows surrogate motherhood programs for infertile couples from all around the world with the only tree requirements that are to be met. First, the participation in such programs is allowed for heterosexual couples only. Second, they should be officially married. Third, the intended clients should have certain medical indications which prove the necessity of undergoing the program. Among such medical reasons are the absence or severe illness of the uterus, diseases that make pregnancy impossible and unsuccessful IVF attempts. Ukrainian surrogacy law protects potential parents. Thus, it is their names that are written in the child's birth certificate and the surrogate mother doesn't have any rights for the child. For reference, some countries consider the legal mother a woman who has given birth to a child, even if they have no genetic connection. In Ukraine, biological parents are recognized as mother and father. The rights of surrogate mothers are also protected by the law. VittoriaVita insures their health, life, and all women receive a material compensation.

Four steps to parenting with VittoriaVita

VittoriaVita offers package programs. Parents don't pay for individual services, but for the entire surrogacy program. The agency helps in choosing a surrogate mother and egg donor, pays compensation to them, conducts IVF, leads pregnancy, and organizes childbirth. From the potential parents' point of view, the program is divided into 4 stages.

  • The first step is the distant acquaintance. Potential parents study the contract, choose a surrogate mother and get acquainted with her via Skype. That's how, before the start of the program, they know who will be carrying their child. VittoriaVita's surrogate mothers undergo strict medical and psychological selection: they have excellent health, are psychologically stable and want to help infertile couples. Before and during the program women do tests that confirm they don't smoke, drink alcohol or use other illicit substances. The allowed age of surrogates in our agency is from 18 to 36 years old, and they all have own healthy children.
  • The second step is a visit to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Each couple has a personal translation manager, who is available 24/7 and helps with any questions on the program. Manager meets potential parents at the airport, takes them to the apartment, accompanies in the clinic and the Embassy. All this is included in the cost of the program. Here in Ukraine, potential parents sign a contract, have their first face-to-face meeting with a surrogate mother and donate their biomaterial. Biological material is protected by the IVF-ID system. Each patient has an ID bracelet or card with a unique electronic chip and a set of barcode tags. These barcodes are stuck to all laboratory tubes for sperm, blood and other tests. Before collecting the sperm, a man scans the barcode on the computer and sees his photo. Thus, doctors working with biomaterial also compare data. Due to this the factor of human error is excluded.
  • The third step is the cultivation of the embryos, embryo transfer and pregnancy of the surrogate mother. During every program, the special emphasis is put on eliminating chromosomal abnormalities in a child. To get this kind of information, all the embryos obtained undergo pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) and exceptionally healthy ones will be eligible for transferring to a surrogate mother. If there are embryos of different sexes among them, potential parents can choose which one to transfer - a girl, a boy, or both. In addition, PGD increases the chance of pregnancy from the first attempt to 80%. Parents may attend the embryo transfer, but this is not required. After each procedure, the personal manager sends a detailed report to the parents. They receive ultrasound recordings, screening results. Surrogate mothers from their part adhere to a special menu, which was compiled by a nutritionist.
  • The fourth step is childbirth and at the request of the parents they can present during one of the most important events in their life. Right after the birth, a newborn is laid on mom's or dad's chest. In such a way the baby gets acquainted with his parents, their microflora, smell, while the couple has a chance to develop their parental instinct.

Why should you visit Ukraine and particularly VittoriaVita?

Let's summarize. First, genetic parents are the only legal parents according to the Ukrainian law. Secondly, VittoriaVita runs "on a turn-key basis" surrogacy programs. Medical care, legal assistance, accommodation, and meals are included in the price. Thirdly, married couples from the USA, who have already completed the program in Ukraine, are ready to share their experience. In addition, there are special offers for American couples. Finally, in other European agencies, the programs similar to ours are 1.5 times more expensive, in American and Canadian ones - 3 times.

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