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The Best Education For Your Child Starts From Making The Right Choices

Every parent wants their child to have a "quality education". For the best chance at success, students need a program this is well-rounded, the foundation of which is the curriculum system.

There are a number of choices when it comes to curriculum systems, with the world's four major high school offerings being: A-Level, American Advanced Placement and AP Courses, VCE, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

Why choose the IBDP course?

At its core, the IB course provides a structure for education in intelligence, emotion, personal development, and social skills for students aged 3-19.

An IB Education is also an international education, as it promotes cultural integration, with its own culture as the core. Students studying IB still master the knowledge required by the national syllabus of their country, but they have the advantage of mastering higher-level learning skills and thinking methods under the IB philosophy.

Importantly, most well-known universities around the world accept IB students, with some universities offering IB graduates credits towards their further studies.

What kind of child is the IBDP course suitable for?

IBDP, AP and A-Level courses all include core subjects such as mathematics, science, language, sociology, etc. However, only IB focuses on conceptual learning, while AP and A-Level courses focus on factual learning (knowledge learning).

To achieve success in an IB course, students can't just be knowledge absorbers, but must be knowledge creators. Isn't it the original intention of most parents to raise children who love thinking – and can do so innovatively?

Why choose Stamford American for the IBDP?

Stamford American International School, is a world-class IB-authorised International school in Singapore for grades K2 to 12, and the only school in Singapore with multiple graduating pathways for your child's own unique future.

Stamford American cultivates a culture of optimism, excellence, and empowerment for everyone by developing the mindset and skills to thrive in a complex world. They also care deeply about the success of every student and find ways to connect them with their passion.

The Class of 2020 graduates completed the IB course with a 94% pass rate, well above the Global rate of 78%. Of the students who completed the IB course, 5 students achieved results over 40, out of a total of 45.

Moreover, their strength in language programs was demonstrated by 27% of students receiving the IB Bilingual Diploma. This is not surprising given the diverse make-up of Stamford American's Class of 2020 which represents 38 nationalities, within a wider community of 75 nationalities.

Ocki Fernandes, High School Principal had this to say: "I am so pleased by the results of our fifth graduating class. I attribute the success of all of our students to hard work, commitment, effort and the strong and positive relationship between our students and teachers. The transparency of our new assessment and reporting system led to 98% of our students' final scores being within 1 point of their predicted grades. Colleges and universities value schools which accurately and consistently predict grades and academic achievement."

And in the words of their star graduate, Rafaella (Ella) Zanatti, who will be studying Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University: "As I transition to Duke, I am thankful that Stamford has given me the opportunity to develop skills that will help me succeed in a university environment such as leadership and time management. From the academic rigor to the countless extracurricular activities, Stamford enriched my high school journey far beyond what I expected."

To date, 95% of Stamford American's graduates have accepted to their first or second choice university, and will be attending universities and colleges in 19 different countries, across 4 different continents.

Make the right choice with your child's education. To find out more, including details of the Stamford Boarding House program, speak with Admissions to arrange a tour:

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