Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Unlike most undergraduates, students who enroll in a professional or graduate degree program have a much clearer idea of their career direction. So if presented with a chance to earn an advanced degree in 25% less time, many students in this position would leap at the opportunity – or at least strongly consider it.

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) believes that each student should have a choice for earning their Doctor of Pharmacy degree that is matched to the student's personal goals and circumstances.

That is why beginning in June 2019 ACPHS will be offering students the opportunity to fast track their careers with a 3-year Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program to be offered exclusively on the College's Colchester, Vermont Campus. Applications are now being accepted for summer 2019 enrollment (the first day of classes is June 3).

The 3-year Pharm.D. program is ideally suited for the mature, academically accomplished student who is prepared for a fast-paced learning environment and motivated by the opportunity to enter the workforce one year earlier than the traditional 4-year pathway.

Of the more than 150 Pharm.D. programs in the country, there are only 21 who offer 3-year options and just four in the Northeast (including ACPHS-Vermont).

Despite the shortened timeframe, the 3-year Pharm.D. program – referred to by some schools as the “accelerated” program – is by every measure the equal of the 4-year program. Both programs contain the same coursework and experiential requirements, with the only difference being the time to completion.

Students in the ACPHS 3-year program are able to graduate one year earlier by virtue of attending ten weeks of classes between June and August each year; for the remainder of the year, they follow the same academic calendar as the rest of the College.

For someone interested in pursuing a 3-year Pharm.D. program, it's hard to imagine a more vibrant place to live and study than Northwest Vermont. The ACPHS-Vermont campus is just minutes from Burlington – consistently ranked as one of America's Best College Towns – and offers easy access to some of the region's best spots for dining, shopping, and outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, biking, and kayaking.

The 3-year Pharm.D. program is only offered on the College's Vermont Campus, but for students who prefer the traditional pathway, the 4-year Pharm.D. program is available on the ACPHS Albany Campus. The Albany Campus also offers a 6-year Pharm.D. program (which includes two years of pre-pharmacy coursework) for students entering directly from high school or who are unable to meet the Pharm.D. prerequisites.

Regardless of which path one chooses, the reward awaiting ACPHS students upon their graduation is well worth the effort as evidenced by the following awards and rankings:

  • ACPHS was ranked the #1 value-added college or university in the U.S. in the 2019 rankings compiled by The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education.
  • ACPHS is ranked #2 in the country in the 2018-19 College Scorecard for “Salary After Attending” with a median salary of $124,700.
  • ACPHS is ranked #6 in the nation by the website with alumni earning Early Career pay (0-5 years of experience) of $80,200 and Mid-Career pay (10+ years experience) of $142,600.

As impressively, Payscale survey respondents were also asked if they felt “their work makes the world a better place,” and 83% of ACPHS alumni said yes! It is by far the highest figure among the top 50 schools in the salary rankings, with the next closest at 69%.

That means not only will your ACPHS education lead to a financially rewarding career, but it will also be one that is personally fulfilling. It's a combination that's tough to beat.

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