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What Makes Private and Independent Schools Special?

To learn is to expand your viewpoint, to gain knowledge and to inspire success within yourself and in others around you. It is the greatest and most valuable activity you can pursue. And the same goes for your children. A quality education is the soundest investment you can offer them. Locating the right school to bring out the best in them, one that fosters their ambitions and sets them on the path to delivering their goals, is the most important assistance you can ever provide as a parent.

Like all parents, you want your child to achieve academic excellence while at the same time grow as a person of sound moral fiber who appreciates the right values. When it comes to cultivating a fully-rounded individual, one who loves to learn and who wants to succeed – your first consideration should be a private education.

The caliber of private and independent schools in the United States is second to none. High School aged children require just the right mix of pastoral care, guidelines and discipline, and the opportunities to develop their potential… then reach it.

It is well documented that private and independent schools set their students higher standards. As the expectations grow, so too does the performance. Students are sparked into producing excellent results as they live up to the expectations set and seen all around them. Private high schools in fact require more courses for graduation, meaning that students are tested more, learn more and have a broader scope of knowledge. They are more likely to be studying a foreign language – a great boost to their future job prospects either overseas or in international business. They are more likely to have studied a variety of science or math. They are more likely to be part of a sporting club or society. They will have been doing more coursework, so have more hands on experience. Every aspect of a private education is stretching the student to ensure he or she is developing their mind and their spirit.

Private education in the US boasts the most accomplished, dynamic and innovative student and teaching bodies. This explains why their examination results are consistently higher than public schools and more graduates go to college, too. In fact, the National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed that 8th grade students at private school are twice as likely to have completed a bachelor's or higher degree by their mid-20s.

This isn't due to them coming from privileged backgrounds, either. Students from the lowest 25% status of socioeconomic background were four times as likely to have completed such a degree by their mid-20s if they were in private education by 8th grade.

Private and independent schools are also statistically safer than public schools. Students are less likely to engage in anti-social behaviors, whether something as simple as tardiness or more serious such as drug abuse.

At such institutions, there is a healthy and essential focus on values. Students are encouraged to consider themselves and the version of themselves being presented to the world. This brings self-reflection and meaning to their lives. For a growing number of parents, providing youngsters with a sound moral and religious education is an important part of their schooling and nowhere provides this better than private and independent schools, many of whom cater to specific religions or beliefs that guide your child down the right path.

In short, if you are serious about giving your child the best chance at fulfilling their potential, at learning the most, at becoming a fully-rounded individual or strong character and morals, then the choice is clear. Their education is best served by a private or independent school.

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