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British International School of Boston

Individual. International. Inspirational.

The British International School of Boston is a vibrant international community that offers a high performance education for children ages 18 months to 18 years. Respected international curricula, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP), passionate, caring teachers and a truly international community of learners ensure that students develop a global perspective that values and celebrates diversity. We genuinely are: Individual. International. Inspirational.

A Personalized Approach to Learning

We believe there are no limits to a child's potential and are committed to helping every child achieve at a high level, academically, personally and socially. Students as young as 3 years old are made true partners in their education, participating in goal-setting and learning how hard work can help them reach these goals.

At the British International School of Boston, students are taught to explore their personal learning styles and tailor their study habits to best suit their needs. With supportive, individualized attention from teachers, students are inspired to be ambitious, set personalized goals, and enjoy the opportunity to accept new challenges and take risks in our safe classroom environment.

Our teachers have the tools to allow each child to move at a pace appropriate for them, setting individualized learning targets, monitoring their progress and providing continuous feedback. Through one-on-one and small group activities, our teachers bring out the best in each student, no matter their prior educational experience.

An International Perspective

We are committed to equipping our students with the skills, understanding and values they will need to succeed in our exciting, dynamic world. In today's global economy, the international-mindedness our students gain is highly sought after by employers everywhere.

Our rigorous international curriculum, culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, prepares students for acceptance to leading universities in the United States and around the world. Students are also supported to develop time management, communication and critical thinking skills critical to the independent learning expected at the college level.

By the time your child has graduated from the British International School of Boston, they could have participated in at least three international exchanges. We understand the classroom is not the only place where learning can occur. Students of all ages participate in real-world learning activities throughout the region, where inspiring learning opportunities abound.

As a member of the Nord Anglia Education family of 31 sister schools in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, our students have access to a wide range of global learning opportunities not available to students of any other Boston private school.

In high school, your child could travel to Tanzania for a service learning project with other Nord Anglia Education students, or participate in an exchange with one of our sister schools. For our middle school students, a visit to Montreal or an exchange with a sister school in Madrid offers a chance to practice the languages they have been learning in school.

Beyond real world learning opportunities, Nord Anglia Education's Global Classroom provides a virtual learning platform through which students from a young age can connect with peers across our global family of schools. Students are empowered to take on global challenges, join debates and participate in photography, story-telling and design competitions.

Inspiring Staff

We know that each child's success depends on the strength of the educators leading our classrooms. Our school attracts the highest-quality teachers and our thorough recruitment process ensures that our students are inspired by outstanding educators.

Our teachers have years of classroom experience, are dedicated to instilling a love of learning in their students and are passionate about the subjects they teach. Teachers are trained to optimize the learning potential of each child and to support them in the pursuit of their ambitions and goals.

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British International School of Boston
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