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What makes a truly great attorney?

What separates the good attorneys from the great ones? The most important factor is how they always place their clients' needs first. The best attorneys act decisively, using their wisdom and experience to deliver their clients through not just a challenging legal process but periods of extreme stress and worry that affects every aspect of their life.

Attorneys stand proudly to defend the public's rights, defend individual freedoms and protect people and their family.

It isn't easy. The hours for a start. Working up from the very bottom rung of the ladder. And being in such situations of personal and private grief and stress. Balancing between what a client might want but what is actually in their best interests – very often not the same thing at all. The mental strength, courage and determination required for attorneys make it a unique profession, a hard but ultimately richly rewarding calling.

Every attorney knows that warm feeling they get when they walk away from a case having made a significant difference to someone's life. They might have kept someone out of jail, kept a family together, allowed them to keep their jobs, or prevented them losing their life savings. Such impact on so many people and their families is why attorneys are one of the most essential components of modern American society.

Representing Americans in 2015 is a privilege. The very best attorneys recognize this privilege and respect that representing them and their feelings is an honour to be taken very seriously. In terms of skills, few other professions utilize the power of reading, writing, researching, arguing, presentation, and most of all, thinking, that the legal profession requires. The best attorneys draw on their ingrained talent and the years of training and education that has provided them with the skill and intelligence, plus the know-how to react quickly and decisively when it counts. Law is the ultimate profession for outstanding thinkers.

Being solution-focused and a creative thinker are two of the primary assets of the exceptional attorney. Those who are best at this find themselves win most cases and earn more business. The road may be long and demanding, but the cream does rise to the top. And the bigger the case the richer the rewards, not financially, but by dint of the impact they have for the client, the easing of their suffering and the positive difference made to their lives.

There are plenty of bad guys out there, those who trample over the little guy and who bend the rules to take advantage. That isn't what America is about. Attorneys help address some of these injustices to protect people who can't or don't know how to protect themselves. America is a society based on law and justice and when attorneys wake up in the morning, they know and love their essential role in maintaining this state, for everybody regardless of age, gender, race or background.

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