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Abkarian & Associates

Albert Abkarian has won some of the top honors in his profession, including the Prestigious National Trial Lawyers, Top 100 award, and Top 10 in California Award.  He was named a Southern California Super Lawyer by Los Angeles Magazine and has been recognized by the American Institute for Personal Injury Attorneys as among the 10 Best in Client satisfaction.

However, as satisfying as these recognitions are, the loyalty to his clients, and the close, long -term relationships he has formed with many of them in the past 26 years, is the most important accomplishment of his legal career. Abkarian says his “biggest achivement” is the steady stream of referrals he receives from both business and personal injury clients.  “That tells me that I am doing something right as an attorney”, he says.

The firm offers large firm capabilities with a small firm feel.  Clients appreciate personal attention and one on one communication with Mr. Abkarian.  At the same time, they know that they can count on him and his legal team, including Moussa Helo, his top trial attorney, to handle highly complex litigation, such as a long litigation for one of his clients against Los Angeles World Airport authority which after four years of litigation was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved.  “This was a very good client that was bounced around in large firms downtown with very high fees.  They finally chose our office and we handled the case to the end to their satisfaction”, concludes Mr. Abkarian.

Mr. Abkarian and his firm are also one of the premier personal injury law firms in California.  In the past 26 years, Abkarian & Associates has recovered millions for their personal injury cases.  “I think respect for the insurance defense attorneys and adjusters have separated us from other firms.  Don’t get me wrong, we are as tough as it gets when it comes to litigation of the personal injury case, but we do it with respect and with professional attitude everyone deserve to have in litigation”, informs Mr. Abkarian.

As an Armenian immigrant for whom life was an uphill battle for many years, Abkarian does not take anything for granted in either personal or his professional life.  He was born in Iran and then moved to California in 1979 with his family at the age of 15, unfamiliar with American culture and knowing very little English.  “Against all odds and with great deal of effort, I made it through school and believe that I have become a successful attorney as result of my background”, reveals Mr. Abkarian.

“Both in business and personal injury cases, I feel my client’s pain, “Abkarian says.” If clients are going through litigation, either business or personal injury case, and you don’t feel their pain and understand what they’re going through, I think you missed the boat as an attorney.”

The experience has made him “a different breed of an attorney”.  For him, every case is personal; nothing is “just business”.

Here are some testimonials from the clients:

  • “Great ATTORNEY! Would definitely recommend him to friends and family. It is so difficult to find an attorney you can trust and feel comfortable working with. Albert and his staff are among the Very Trustworthy & Honest firms that I have known. All of my calls and concerns were addressed in a timely manner. My settlement was brought to a speedy and very satisfactory close. Thank you, Albert, Moussa, Caroleen and Edith for everything.”
  • “No one ever wants to be in an accident. But if you find yourself in one, you definitely want Albert Abkarian & Associates representing you. They are a concerned firm that will help you through this difficult process and get you what you deserve.”

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