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Conchita Espinosa Academy

"To reach a child's soul one must know him, guide him and especially, love him."
– Conchita Espinosa

Since 1933, Conchita Espinosa Academy (CEA) has educated children under a consistent family leadership utilizing a unique philosophy and methodology developed and first put into practice by its founder, Conchita Espinosa. The Espinosa Method™ is designed to ignite students' curiosity and encourage their love of learning. CEA provides a comprehensive education in the arts, sciences and humanities in an environment where students can develop passion and character and enjoy the precious years of childhood. The K-8th grade educational model at CEA offers a dynamic, intimate and nurturing environment that supports student development and helps students grow into well-rounded, creative, and confident human beings. Each child is seen and respected as an individual, keeping the spirit of love and respect that is the trademark of CEA.

CEA is a private, independent, coeducational K3-8 school located on ten beautifully landscaped acres in southwest Miami-Dade County with four distinct facilities: the main school building, Early Childhood Learning Center, Conservatory of the Arts, and state-of-the-art multi-purpose sports field and track. From the Mastery Program, which assigns specific learning periods devoted to allowing students to explore an area of interest, to world languages, a wide-ranging athletics department, and educational travel, CEA's facilities, educational programs, and curriculum are thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of each developmental stage from K3 through 8th grade, creating thinkers and doers who are prepared to thrive in the twenty-first century.

Twenty-first century leaders must have the ability to communicate clearly, think critically, analyze, evaluate, create and design all aspects of their lives. The arts (music, dance, theatre and visual arts), are at the core of the curriculum and woven into all aspects of life at CEA. Through the arts, students are afforded multiple opportunities to finetune their judgment and stretch their senses. Participation in the arts encourages individuals to approach tasks from various perspectives, take risks and "think outside the box." Whether by learning a new musical composition or expressing an emotion through dance, every child is given the opportunity to express unique aspects of him or herself, providing an outlet for expression of their inner world, which helps children acquire the confidence, strength and perseverance necessary to finding one's place in an ever-expanding world of opportunity. The arts allow students to discover and build cross-disciplinary connections, deepening their understanding of the world and strengthening key skills necessary to work effectively with others, such as collaboration, accountability and the taking in of constructive criticism. A composer may write a beautiful symphony, but it can only be appreciated when musicians work together to interpret and master the notes. An openness to recognizing the role of all involved in the development and mastery of an art form provides children with openness to the fundamental interconnectedness of life.

For 86 years, CEA has grown and evolved. Location, faculty, books and technology have changed, but the integrity of its essence remains intact. CEA is more than a school. It is a community where students learn more about more. They are empowered to look for the best in others and themselves and are shaped into young men and women who actively explore interests, hone talents, and advocate ideas. CEA is proud to see its students become well-rounded individuals who, upon graduation, shine in the best high schools, top universities and, most importantly, in life. Espinosa's beliefs in the power of the spirit, the wealth of the mind, the sacredness of childhood, and the strength of following one's dreams, continue to live on as part of her legacy.

Conchita Espinosa Academy is accredited internationally, nationally and regionally by Accreditation International (AI), National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA), the Middle States Association (MSA), COGNIA (SACS/AdvancEd), and the Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF). CEA is also a member of the Independent Schools of South Florida (ISSF).

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