Stamford American International School
Stamford American International School

Stamford American's values of Courage, Integrity, Ingenuity & Compassion are not just buzz words. The whole school community lives them. To demonstrate, we asked our community to share their thoughts on each:

"For me, being courageous has helped with my confidence, getting to know new people from different countries and showing them my personality. It has also helped me to gain perspective about different cultures." (Weina Su, PCS Student)

"Integrity means doing right by our students for our students. We strive to build a community of trust and inclusion, so that all of our students can be successful in our complex world." (Stephanie Grafe, Deputy High School Principal)

"Stamford develops my ingenuity through the Design program, as it allows me to use my learning in other subject areas, and make connections to problem solve throughout the design process." (Aidan Kelly, Middle School Student)

"Compassion as an educator is meeting children where they are. It's knowing them as learners and as individuals. My goal is to create an environment where they feel comfortable being vulnerable." (Lia Chumtong, Elementary Teacher)

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