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For over 20 years this global technology firm headquartered from "The Sunshine State" has been delivering IT solutions in order to help businesses change how they operate and deliver value to their customers.

COVID-19 and the impact of social distancing has officiated as the ultimate tech disrupter, kick-starting the "Data Decade" and accelerating digitalization innovations that could outlast the pandemic. The world is an everchanging habitat but in this particular scenario, speed has been key. System Soft Technologies has positioned itself with a robust business model built on top of technology and expertise sustained by excellent workforce talent that has enabled it not only to keep up the pace but anticipate the changes in an unforeseeable context such as a pandemic.

For a company that carries digital transformation services in its DNA, being able to continue to provide these services without interruptions or compromising security and safety for their clients while employees worked fully remote since march 2020 was crucial. As of June 2021, employees have been going back to their desks in a hybrid schedule and the technological expansion that has brought about COVID-19 has resulted in a 15% increase in demand for IT solutions and services for the first half of 2021. System Soft Technologies has been able to meet this demand thanks to a visionary insight that already had them working on these solutions as early as 2019. Helping companies leverage data and accelerate innovation through IT, AI/ ML services and solutions is essential for business success in their respective industries. It not only enables worker productivity, increasing the ability to better manage business performance through data analytics that help identify new opportunities while also meeting customer experience expectations which in turn lead to smarter business decisions, more efficient operations and higher profits.

The 2020s are being called "The Data Decade" and many companies are discovering that data can be a burden or an advantage depending on how data-ready the business might be. System Soft Technologies is focusing on the digital transformation solutions in the workplace catering directly to the needs of the industry verticals.

When we spoke to Sreedhar Veeramachaneni, CEO of System Soft Technologies about which of all their services has received the biggest demand since COVID he explained: "Today's businesses are rapidly realizing they must ensure a fluid and straightforward customer experience that makes it easy for their target audiences to procure their products or services. This has driven digital transformation on a grand scale." Businesses are encountering the need for mobile applications, data analytics solutions, the use of Microsoft Collaborations tools, cloud migration and content sharing solutions and System Soft Technologies is providing a 360° approach to these demands with low code/no code solutions for agile application design and development resulting in cost reduction and higher productivity.

With the first half of 2021 under the belt and 2022 already on the horizon, Veeramachaneni is looking to expand into healthcare, banking, retail and manufacturing sectors with a view to becoming a major supplier of digital solutions products and services for these key industries and R&D is essential in order to stay on top of their game innovation-wise. Although they are a small company they are committed to research and development and for this they have two innovation labs, one in Santa Clara dedicated to Big Data and security analytics research, and one in Dallas dedicated to UX/UI platform design where the company has developed two new major products. Delphian Trading is a predictive analytics and options strategy design platform for trading strategies and Elysium Analytics, a cybersecurity analytics Big Data platform that identifies modern threats in real-time using machine learning.

Looking down three to five years from now the plan is to expand further into geographies where the firm does not have significant presence, from South and Central America, to Europe and Asia replicating the US business model in terms of talent and technology.As Veeramachaneni explains, "recruiting talent for this industry has always been a challenge." System Soft Technologies is a people-centric company where cultural transformation is inextricably linked to the upsurge of digital transformation. They foster a culture that helps the organization embrace and enable innovation, be more agile and dynamic. They offer competitive salaries and flexibility, moreover, a great place where people want to come work. Understanding that for digital transformation to be successful, an intelligent transformation must be existent at the core of System Soft Technologies, and they are equipped with the technology and talent to navigate this process into the future.

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