Bethel School of Technology
Bethel School of Technology

Upstart your career. Uplift your world.

Founded in January 2018, Bethel School of Technology is a faith-based, values-driven online technology bootcamp that specializes in the high-demand areas of Software Development, Data Science, and UI/UX Design. Our school exists to raise up ready-to-work Christian technologists who serve companies with excellence in both skill and character.

Starting with "Coding from Scratch", our nine-month program is designed to help individuals with little or no tech background learn the necessary skills to upstart an in-demand, high-growth career in the tech space. Students receive focused support from instructors, who have extensive experience in the tech industry, and weekly code reviews with coding mentors. Additionally, seasoned developers and executives from some of the leading tech companies, including Google, IBM and Facebook, volunteer their time to host workshops on what it takes to break into the tech industry and exhibit high EQ in the workplace.

At a glance:

  • Modality: online
  • Corporate HQ: Redding, CA
  • CA BPPE-licensed
  • Retention Rate: 80%
  • Hire rate: 85% within 120 days of graduation
  • Hiring companies include IBM, Dell, and Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Female population: 37%
  • Corporate and church partnerships, including Dave Ramsey Solutions and The Potter's House-Jakes Divinity School

Unique Value:

  • 26 college credits toward an undergraduate degree and 9 credits toward a Master of Science in Computer Science at William Jessup University
  • Title IV eligibility through partnerships with regionally accredited universities
  • "Coder for Life" program allows graduates to learn another coding language for free
  • Built to accommodate work-life-education balance (20-30 hours/week online based on a student's personal and professional schedule)
  • Instructor-led, mentor-supported curriculum in Full-stack Software Development (concentrations: JavaScript, Java, and .NET), Data Science, and UI/UX Design
  • Bible-based character development curriculum taught by key Bethel Church leaders, Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Danny Silk, and Dann Farrelly. Areas include: honor, trust, empathy, relationship management, communication/conflict resolution, results/accountability, priorities/time management, personal financial management, generosity, and servant leadership

Leadership Team:

  • Ryan Collins - Chief Executive Officer
  • Johanna Wilson - Chief Operating Officer
  • Adib Hanna - Chief Technology Officer/Lead Instructor
  • Richard Gordon - Lead Spiritual Pastor

Student testimonial

Prior to Bethel Tech, I had no experience in coding. Within four months of graduating, I landed a job at IBM, and now I'm on a path I never would have imagined a year ago." - Andrew T.

"A year ago, I wrote in my Bethel Tech application, "I'd like to use the knowledge gained from this program to solve world problems, i.e. eradicate diseases." I was dreaming of something way beyond myself. ⁠ Today, two weeks after my graduation, I received the welcome letter from the CEO of Seattle Children's Hospital. In it, he wrote, "You are now part of a world-class team on a mission: to prevent, treat and ultimately eliminate pediatric disease."⁠ Bethel Tech Data Science program not only equipped me with the skillset to obtain a job that fulfilled my dreams, I believe the greatest asset I've gained is a transformed mind."⁠ - Eno C.

Corporate partner testimonial

"Our biggest challenge in hiring is filtering through hundreds of engineering candidates to find people of integrity who are hungry, humble, and emotionally intelligent. There are a lot of education providers that make skills easy to find. Those institutions won't help you find people of character who show up every day wired to give, not just take while at work. Bethel Tech consistently provides graduates who are a remarkable match for how we define an ideal team member - which saves us a lot of time and money." – Brendan Wovchko - CTO, Ramsey Solutions

Bethel School of Technology
Redding, CA