If you're interested in a mid to senior-level software engineering career, look no further than Codesmith. Modeled after Oxford University's paradigm of educational immersion, Codesmith's software engineering programs lead the industry in job placement and median starting salary.

Codesmith Graduates are Autonomous Problem-Solvers

Codesmith's entire curriculum and hiring program revolve around the central tenet that the most invaluable members of any professional engineering team are those who go beyond simply knowing how to write code and can understand software from a deeper, "under-the-hood" perspective.

The 12-week full-time onsite residency is offered at campuses in Los Angeles and New York City only. However, for students around the U.S. and the rest of the world, Codesmith also offers its top-rated Immersive program in a fully remote environment - both full-time (3 months) and part-time (9 months).

Codesmith's curriculum is expertly designed to give you a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Computer Science, full-stack JavaScript, and a variety of other in-demand technologies, such as React and Node.js. The curriculum transforms alongside the evolution of technologies – for example, the program recently added a DevOps, UX & UI Unit, and expanded its Machine Learning and testing modules.

Codesmith emphasizes collaborative learning, with pair-programming being a core practice in module challenges. This approach accelerates students' development in both their technical communication and their ability to mesh with a top-level tech team – two elements that are critical to any engineer's future career success.

In addition to the Core Curriculum, Codesmith students build production-level Open Source products/platforms during the program that differentiate them in the job search.

Codesmith Alumni Work at Leading Companies

Codesmith's Hiring Program is the most esteemed in the industry, providing advanced, personalized support to every student, including resume formation, interviewing and networking skills, technical and cultural mock interview sessions, and even salary negotiation advice. And this job-searching support extends far beyond graduation with onsite check-ins and ongoing one-on-one sessions with experienced Codesmith team members.

The results speak for themselves, with alumni currently working as mid- and senior-level engineers at Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, Disney, IBM, as well as many other top companies.

Codesmith's Results are Third-Party Audited and CIRR-Certified

Codesmith is committed to providing 100% verifiable and transparent data regarding its graduate outcomes. As such, all data related to the hiring program's results have been fully audited by a third-party accounting firm, as well as certified by the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR), the industry standard for reliable job placement statistics.

According to most recent CIRR reports (January - June 2019), Codesmith's N.Y.C. grads earned the industry's highest median salary ($125K), with 92.1% of graduates hired full time within just 180 days of graduation. L.A. grads also demonstrated one of the top results, with nearly 90% of students landing their first roles within 180 days post-graduation at a median starting salary of $114K.

The Codesmith Community

Codesmith is built upon a supportive community of empathetic learners who offer valuable feedback, encourage hard work, and motivate each other to grow. This includes an alumni base of graduates who regularly give back to the community and assist the latest graduates with advice and career guidance.

Codesmith is committed to making its programs affordable to everyone, offering financing opportunities to all applicants, as well as scholarships to female engineers, minorities, military veterans, prior bootcamp grads, and more.

How Codesmith Can Prepare You

Codesmith offers a range of learning resources and introductory programs. For example, Codesmith's CSX online JavaScript learning platform is ideal for those with no prior coding experience, or for those students looking to simply upskill.

Additionally, Codesmith offers two structured online prep programs: JavaScript for Beginners and CS Prep, both specifically designed to teach core, introductory JavaScript, but with a live instructor, group projects, and coding challenges.

Lastly, Codesmith hosts free weekly workshops and pair-programming sessions in N.Y. and L.A., and online.

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