Practical Programming
Practical Programming

Practical Programming aims to deliver an authentic learning experience for aspiring programmers. Our mission is to deliver high quality lessons and supportive feedback to our students training for technical roles with small class sizes both in person and online.

Many jobs these days require at least some knowledge of programming. We understand that many of you are not planning to be full-time developers, but rather looking to learn Python to advance your present career and stay ahead of the curve. That is why we offer evening and weekend Python courses in New York and Chicago, as well as online tutorials.

Our "secret sauce" lies in our instructors following a lesson plan guideline to keep students engaged and alert throughout the whole instruction. Trainers consistently ask for student feedback to assess their learning patterns and origin of knowledge as well as deliver content that is both relevant and exciting to learn about.

Unique Value:

  • Our courses are reasonably priced, you don't have to spend big to start coding
  • Most our courses are available remotely without losing classroom experience
  • You could always retake the course free of charge, if you feel you want to do it again
  • After the course is done you have access to resources and support from the instructors
  • We bring real-life examples to the classroom that you can learn and apply to your job

Python Immersive®

Python Immersive is a one-week coding course that was specifically designed for people who have never coded before. The goal of this course is to build a fundamental understanding of Python programming to get you started with coding on your own. We provide you with the tools you need to develop an A-to-Z knowledge of Python programming form, as well as foundational knowledge important for any person who codes.

Python for Data Science Immersive®

Data Science Immersive® is a week-long, comprehensive course with an emphasis on the practical application of Python to data analysis. Initially developed for Wall Street professionals, Python for Data Science Immersive® quickly became popular among people who crunch numbers, analyze big data and simply want to switch from spreadsheets to the faster and more efficient Python programming language.

Machine Learning Immersive®

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning and reinforce these concepts by working with real data and building meaningful predictive models. Afterwards, you will have a portfolio where you can showcase your projects, and the necessary foundation in Machine Learning to continue in a direction that best fits your interests and skillset.

Python Corporate trainings

Practical Programming has extensive experience in corporate trainings. Our corporate clients include well-known financial giants in New York and Chicago. We tailor our programs for current client demands and real-life challenges. That includes training your workforce to apply programming concepts to daily tasks from scratch. We provide potential corporate clients with a free initial tutorial.

Some things past students had to say

"If you've never programmed and you're looking for a school with classes that will get you up to speed quickly in a way that's easy to follow and understand, helping you to quickly build the fundamentals, this is the school to do that." Kelly Grove

"Well worth the money. The course was challenging and relevant, and I will definitely consider taking more courses at Practical Programming." M. Tibisay Salerno

"I did the week-long Python for Data Science Immersive Bootcamp in Chicago. The course is structured as a small-group lab, so it's easy to stay engaged and you get a lot of hands-on experience coding. The instructor, Thalo, was an exceptional teacher and was very adaptive to the class. We got to spend time working on problems relevant for our jobs. Highly recommend!" Mike Vitale

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