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Data Science Dojo: Data Science for Everyone

Data Science Dojo started with the slogan 'Data Science for Everyone' which turned into the company's mission statement. While most data science training programs in the industry focus on producing 'data scientists', Data Science Dojo was founded on the idea that real-world data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence involves more than just fancy job titles. The company has grown on the firm belief that data literacy is a required skill for a modern knowledge-based economy - regardless of industry, job role, or career stage.

Overview of programs

One may ask the question: What has the company done to realize its mission of 'Data Science for Everyone'? At Data Science Dojo, the instructors and curriculum designers are also analytics practitioners with in-depth expertise in what analytics entails in the real world. Data Science Dojo has programs for all career stages and job roles across all industries.

Business leaders involved in digital transformation

As analytics comes out of the proverbial technology adoption lifecycle chasm, digital transformation is a top priority for enterprises across all industries. Data Science Dojo offers customized analytics programs for senior leadership, mid-level management, and operational staff involved in digital transformation. Analytics for Business Leaders is a popular program that has spearheaded a digital transformation in many Fortune-500 companies. By the end of 2021, this program will have produced an estimated 4000 graduates. The program focuses on the fundamentals of analytics, defining vision, setting goals, and defining the right KPIs for measuring progress. All trainees are required to write an analytics product plan that addresses organizational pain points using a data-driven approach.

Data scientists, data engineers and analytics practitioners

The Data Science Bootcamp teach real-world problem-solving through a mix of theory, hands-on exercises while inculcating a business-centric mindset. This rigorous 16-week training program introduces attendees to the theory and practice of data science, building, tuning, and deploying machine learning models, data exploration, storytelling, design of experiments, data engineering, and real-time analytics. The week-long Python for Data Science training refines the skillset further with challenging exercises, live sessions, and a comprehensive project.

Job seekers and career changers

Almost all data science and analytics training programs leave a major gap in the training process – lack of real-world problem solving and work experience. To address this problem, trainees in the Practicum program are offered a data science internship at Data Science Dojo. Trainees work on problems with direct business impact on Data Science Dojo business. Interns choose learning tracks such as marketing/sales analytics, social media analytics, log mining, EdTech analytics, analytics translator, customer understanding, and web analytics. Outstanding trainees are sometimes put on paid customer-facing consulting and professional services engagements. Trainees are matched with mentors from leading technology companies for guidance and support. They receive support in creating a data science portfolio, tutorials, blog writing, resume writing, and job search.

Academic certificate

All training programs offered include a verified certificate from The University of New Mexico Continuing Education, carrying 3-7 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) depending upon program duration and contact hours. These verifiable certificates are shareable through LinkedIn resulting in more career opportunities and visibility.

Impact in numbers

Graduates: Data Science Dojo has trained more than 10,000 analytics professionals from 150+ nationalities - possibly more than any other company in an in-person setting.

Global brands served: Data Science Dojo trainees come from more than 2,000 global brands including many Fortune-500 companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Nike, Accenture, and more.

Industries: Trainees come from all industries and any conceivable application involving analytics.

More than seven years into its founding, Data Science Dojo has become one of the most trusted brands to learn data science. The company is consistently ranked among the best data science training programs in the industry by most third-party review websites. Data Science Dojo graduates are leading analytics teams at companies around the world collectively adding hundreds of millions of dollars in business value to their respective organizations.

Data Science Dojo is helping organizations digital transformation – one company at a time.

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