Is this real? This is the most common question Nucamp hears from prospective students who wonder about its affordable price. Compared to the majority of traditional bootcamps that are priced five to seven times higher, Nucamp offers a Full Stack bootcamp for less than $2,000. Cleverly crafted for accessibility and designed to scale, Nucamp has been dedicated to its mission since 2017: To make top-tier coding instruction available to all aspiring career shifters left out of the digital economy.

Okay, but is it any good? Understandably, would-be coders demand more than just affordability and Nucamp delivers again. By April of 2021, Nucamp advanced to the highest rated coding bootcamp in the US, based on third party reviews ratings, according to Course Report and Career Karma.

Yes, Nucamp's courses are for real

Nucamp's journey began with a belief: learning to code doesn't have to be expensive, nor does it have to sacrifice excellence. Students attend classes in their local community (now available remotely). They work through instructor- and community-supported online curriculum during the week. On Saturdays, they attend an interactive workshop with their cohort of 12. This highly flexible schedule allows learners to keep their current jobs and family commitments while mastering new technical skills. In addition, Nucamp prides itself on the talent of its instructors, professionals who love the craft and are so passionate about teaching, they do it part-time while working in the industry.

Nucamp crafts its own curriculum that covers the most in-demand skills and concepts in the job market. An in-house platform was custom built to deliver the curriculum in a carefully scripted, consistent way across all communities served. It also manages the administration of delivery and prep for instructors, freeing them up to focus on what they love the most: teaching. This model helps Nucamp keep costs low and pass the savings to students.

After graduation, freshly minted developers are invited to Nucamp's Career Services program to connect with a career coach, obtain hands-on resume prep, access an exclusive nationwide job board, get a free month of LinkedIn Premium, network with Nucamp's vibrant alumni community, and participate in monthly hackathons.

However, the main metric of interest is how graduates fare in the job market. Again, Nucamp earns its high ratings: 75% of students graduate with a placement rate of 79-88% employed in the industry within 6 months. (Statistics are updated daily and are based on all students enrolled in the last 2 cohorts and surveys sent to every graduate.)

Meeting the demand

Python is used by Google, Spotify, and Instagram, is loved in the industry, and is the one of the most popular backend web languages according to Stack Overflow. With tens of thousands of Backend with Python job openings, offering an average salary well into 6 figures, Nucamp's Backend with Python bootcamp directly targets this need and offers students a ramp to a high-paying career.

For those with a voracious appetite for coding, Nucamp offers a Complete Software Engineering bootcamp. Students learn the top 2 web languages: JavaScript & Python, the top front end and backend technologies, the top 2 database engines: NoSQL with MongoDB and SQL with Postgres, and how to be a team developer with Agile, DevOps, and CI/CD—over 1300 hours of instruction spanning 11 months.

As demand for cloud applications intensifies, traditional bootcamps often focus on one of the big three cloud providers to expose their students to code deployment. Nucamp's Backend with Python and Complete Software Engineering bootcamps instead teach students how to deploy their applications to all three of the top cloud providers: Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services, gaining graduates a competitive advantage in the job market.

Lastly, to ensure graduates are on the right path, the Complete Software Engineering bootcamp introduces students to Nucamp's classroom-based Career Preparation course that will span the final 4 weeks and help them launch their successful job search.

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