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For more than 20 years, Paul has worked tirelessly to help and successfully represent thousands of clients in personal injury cases. The formula for Paul's success is simple: He truly cares about his clients and bettering the community.

In the last decade, Paul's settlements and paid jury verdicts have surpassed $300 million. In more than 85 cases, Paul has orchestrated settlements at or above $1 million. But it is not just the size of a law firm's settlements that is important. At the end of the case, Paul never takes more money than his client. This concept of aggressive litigation and protection of the client's net recovery forms the framework of the law firm's motto: More lawyer. Less fee.

"My law firm has been at the forefront of the fight against large corporations and insurance companies for several years," Paul said. "Our entire philosophy is built on pushing cases forward. People are hurt. They need someone to stand up for them. They need a law firm ready to go to battle for them. Over time, I think when these corporate bullies see my name on a case, it changes their perception of case value for my clients. What they pay to other lawyers, probably is not going to settle the case with my client. It's not 'business as usual' for the insurance companies when my firm is on the other side."

In addition to being a fierce litigator in the courtroom, it was Paul's passion for helping others that led him to philanthropic involvement, an attribute that sets him apart from most injury attorneys. In 2017, Paul formed his own non-profit organization, Paul Pays It Forward. The mission of the organization is to donate a portion of the law firm's settlement fee on every case to local charities to support their missions, and to make an impact on lives in the community.

"A few years ago, I heard a lot of talk about lawyers being greedy," Paul said. "There is some truth to that --- a lot of lawyers are greedy. When it came to me, however, I wanted to change that perception. I started giving back a lot more. First, it started with my own clients. I quit taking more money than my clients at the end of the case. It put a lot more money in their pockets, right where it belongs. Then, I started giving back to the community. Almost every month we began doing an event that involved giving --- whether it was hundreds of Easter baskets, hundreds of Halloween costumes, 1000 turkeys at Thanksgiving --- we wanted to make sure the community received help. I think that work has made a big difference in the lives of the people we meet. Hopefully, when my name comes to mind, "greedy lawyer" isn't the first impression."

If you or someone you know has been injured, The Paul Powell Law Firm is here to help. With offices in Las Vegas and Chicago, our team of experienced legal professionals provide free consultations and are available 24/7.

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