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Trouble Finding Good Work? Then You Need to Read This Story...

Then You Need to Read This Story

Shaq is Steady

Some Americans are having trouble finding good work opportunities. Many factors can lead to one having a hard time finding work, and just looking for a job seems like a job itself, only this one doesn't pay. Many of those people turn to gig work to supplement their incomes, and some even use gig work as their primary source of income.

Steady is a company whose whole mission is to find gig work for people that fits their skill set and their life schedule. Steady advocates for millions of people who are changing the way America works. They have created a platform that helps their community find jobs, increase income, and plan for financial stability.

The Steady app gives people the power to find jobs quickly and seek needed financial advice. It even helps clients save money with deals on everything from health plans to taxes. The founders of Steady understand what it's like to come from homes where difficult times are the norm. The idea for this service came from seeing firsthand those daily financial struggles many Americans struggle with every day. Their vision came to them after one founder saw the plight of his recently retired father who, like many Americans these days, found he didn't have enough retirement savings. His father needed to find a good part-time job to make ends meet. That's when the idea for Steady came to be and it started by helping this father look for some flexible work opportunities that fit his needs.

Steady was one of 10 startups in 2017 to earn their way into Fintech71's prestigious 10-week accelerator program. One month later, Steady won the Startup Pitch competition at Money 20/20, which is the largest financial services innovation event in the world. Following their launch in August 2018, Steady quickly attracted hundreds of thousands of members. That same month, they announced the $9 million, Series A financing from Propel Venture Partners, Omidyar Network, Clocktower Ventures and 25 Madison. NBA legend and businessman Shaquille O'Neal joined as an advisor and advocate around this time as well because he believes in their mission.

The Steady community is now over 1 million strong and growing. One of their members recently told them, "I finally feel like I am in control. I have the opportunity to work, when and where I need to." Working together, their members motivate and inspire one another as they navigate and Steady their lives, their income, and their future.

Steady offers the power of community by giving clients access to their platform putting technology and information into your hands. Over 1 million members share their stories and work together to improve the way they earn money. Steady helps Americans find jobs that fit, whether that be part time, one-time or anytime.

They also offer you the power of control through their income tracker, which lets the client focus on what, and when, they are earning. Plus it helps to provide clients with job opportunities better tailored to fit their location, availability and interests.

If you are having trouble making ends meet, or just need a new start, then Steady is a place where you can find the help and support you need to reach your financial goals and live a better life. Don't waste time, get started today making Steady progress.