Instagram New Feed Update: Tap Replaces Scrolling, Users Hate Swiping Left, Can You Undo December 2018 Update?

Instagram made a big update to the app Thursday that alters the way users can see posts on their feeds completely. Some users were reporting that shortly after they got the new feed, their app reverted back to the original vertical-scroll feed. Head of Product at Instagram, Adam Mosseri, tweeted that the new feed was a test and was accidentally rolled out to far more users than Instagram had intended. Additionally, he said the feed in the app should be back to normal. Since Instagram started its feed had users scroll through vertically like most other social media apps, but that all changed with the new December update to the app.

After the update users now had to swipe left (or right) or tap through the posts in the app, like a modified horizontal scroll. If a post has multiple photos in it, the user can swipe through the photos and if they tap on the post, they'll see the next one in the feed. This includes sponsored posts and ads users may not want to see.

instagram scroll
Instagram changed the feed Thursday from a vertical scroll to a horizontal tap. Instagram

The change rolled out in the latest iOS and Android update of the app for users but Instagram added the change quietly without a blog post about it or an announcement Thursday morning, so users were taken slightly off guard by the change. Instead, users opened the app after updating to find a message that said "Introducing a New Way to Move Through Posts. Tap through posts, just like you tap through stories."

Users were not happy with the update and many of them were tweeting about the change.

If Instagram doesn’t let me scroll down...

— Hannah (@hannahdm8) December 27, 2018

Some were saying the change was big enough that it was ruining their favorite app.

Instagram just changed the feed again 😩 I don’t want to swipe to see posts. Get the scroll back an get it back to chronological order. Ruining me fave app #instagram

— Leah (@leah_c86) December 27, 2018

Users were saying they wanted the old version of the app back, where they could scroll through the posts and they'd be in chronological order.


— Dalia (@daliafarhana) December 27, 2018

Users even floated the idea of starting a petition to get the feed back to normal.

Can we start a petition to change Instagram back please. I don’t wanna scroll right I wanna scroll down. Terrible feature, thank you x

— Anna Young (@annayoung_1) December 27, 2018

Some users were wondering if there was a way to revert to the older version of the app, where the feed was still controlled by scrolling, but unfortunately for those with iPhones there is no way to undo the new Instagram update. There is no option in the settings part of the app to change the feed back to the original one either.

Android users can go back to an earlier version of the app, but it takes quite a few steps and can be difficult for non-tech savvy users. First, users have to uninstall Instagram from their phone by going to "Settings" and then "Apps and notifications." Once they find the Instagram app there and tap it they should choose to uninstall it, according to Android Police. Users then need to find the version of the app they do want on their device, they can likely find it on APK Mirror and install it from there. A full set of detailed directions for reverting back to an older version of the app is available from Android Police.

Instagram did not immediately respond to Newsweek's request for comment.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.