Instagram Best Nine 2018: How to Do Your Top 9 Instagram Collage Post

Instagram users who aren't worried about adding a collage to their page and possibly changing up their finely tuned aesthetic might be ready to add a "top nine" to end the year. The collage of photos from the year past is a popular consolidation of events from the year that users are probably seeing all over their feeds already.

The top nine on Instagram came about a few years ago and allows users to put their top liked or simply their favorite posts from 2018 into a little collage they can post to their Instagram page. Highlights from the year like graduations, weddings, anniversaries, vacations and more can all be put together in one photo as a representation of the year.

the instagram logo on black
The Instagram app logo is displayed on an iPhone on August 3, 2016, in London. Users can use several apps to create their own "top nine" Instagram collage. Carl Court/Getty Images

Users can make their top nine collages using a few different apps on their iPhone or Android devices or even on a desktop computer. There's no way to make the collage within Instagram so users will need to download a third-party app to make the top nine collage and follow the steps within the app or in the web browser. Users should keep in mind that if their profile is on private, the site and app might not be able to pull the photos for the collage.

Both of the following apps are available for both iPhone and Android users to download.

Top Nine app - This app allows users to link their Instagram profile with the app and according to the app's website, more than 3.6 million top nine collages have been made with the app. The app also gives users information about their posts from the year including "like" totals. Users can also input their handle from Instagram to the site online, along with their email, to have their top nine generated and sent to them.

Best Nine app - This app is very similar to the Top Nine app and website but it gives the users a little bit more freedom to choose which photos they want to be involved in the collage. The users have the power to choose the photos the year and more. It also has a web-based page where users can plug in their username or handle for Instagram.

The apps will not pull from stories or photos and videos users sent privately to one another, it will only pull from actual posts that haven't been shared privately or archived and are currently available on the Instagram account.​